9 Lives and Counting is coming to Sudbury this Saturday

9 Lives and Counting is coming to Sudbury this Saturday

9 Lives and Counting is a 4 piece power rock band fronted by Craig Burnatowski, with Peter Alexander on guitars.  The rhythm section is Scott Everatt on bass  and Laurentian alum, Jason Hutchings on drums.  The band has been on a non-stop forward momentum since releasing their debut album Beautiful Distraction in August. They have been playing consistently at local spots throughout the GTA and you can catch 9 Lives and Counting this Saturday, November 26th at The Asylum Sudbury. We had the chance to talk to the band to find out more about their new album and what to expect at the Here Comes Trouble Northern Run Sudbury this Saturday! 

You recently released Beautiful Distraction – is this your first album and where can our readers pick up a copy?

Beautiful Distraction is the first full-length release from 9 Lives and Counting.  We are confident in each song’s ability to reach out and speak to our audiences.  Beautiful Distraction is available from www.9livesandcounting.com, the iTunes store, Google store and various other outlets.

What has been the most memorable moment for the band?

There have been a couple moments that really stood out.  For Craig, he loved that 9 Lives organized the Spring Thaw tour in April of 2016 and that we were able to bring our good friends Johnny Nocash, Veil Unknown and Crimson Breed on the road with us.  Our rhythm section seemed tickled that Scott blew up the bass rig that Indie Week provided.  A quick switch to DI and the band continued to rock the show, this was a great demonstration of our professionalism and ability to adapt on the fly.  And for Peter, his favourite moment is plugging in and playing – for him each night is the best. 


9 Lives and Counting is performing Saturday, November 26th at the Asylum – where can we pick up tickets and where else can we catch you perform this year?

Our show at the Asylum this Saturday will be a pay at the door show.  As a band, we prefer to let the music draw people in versus hard selling tickets.  We will be bringing our great friends Crimson Breed up with us plus we are playing with fantastic local acts – Blackwood Sinners – who we met when we last played Sudbury – and Vintage Slang.  We are huge fans of these bands and can’t wait to light the stage up with them this Saturday! After this mini-tour, the band will be focusing on writing and recording our follow-up record. 

We have only played Sudbury twice, but we have loved it each time.  It’s such a great town and the people really seem to enjoy our brand of rock n roll.  So we would like to thank the people of Sudbury for being so welcoming and Our Crater for helping us to spread the word! 

Find out more about 9 Lives and Counting on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can check out their music on Youtube and SoundCloud!


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