Add a Little twig + SPARK Into Your Life!

Add a Little twig + SPARK Into Your Life!

Katie Morrow is a graphic designer, outdoor enthusiast, and Canadian adventurer. She is also the girl behind twig + SPARK, a new nature-inspired brand and Etsy shop carrying everything from adventure inspired greeting cards to jewellery. Her whimsical designs come from her love of crafting and being surrounded by nature, which can be seen in all of her products, including tree stump coasters and paracord earrings. We talked to Katie to find out more about twig + SPARK!

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When did you decide that you wanted to create and share your ideas with others?

I think I’ve always been a creative person. I like the idea of making something for people rather than buying gifts; I feel like it’s more personal and thoughtful in a lot of ways. It took some time for me to realize that my friends and family weren’t just being nice in their praise for things I made. After that realization I started thinking a little bit more seriously about selling the things I created.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? Where do you find your inspiration for making nature-inspired pieces?

I’ve always loved being outdoors. I grew up going to summer camp and spending weeks at family cottages. This past summer I lived very remotely on the Bruce Peninsula on site at a lighthouse. It was such an amazing experience. Living in the middle of nowhere me appreciate the beauty of nature even more. I also had a lot of time on my hands so crafting was an easy step. That’s really where twig + SPARK stemmed from. I started collecting driftwood from Georgian Bay and wanted to put it everywhere in our cottage.

The idea for the coasters came from my driftwood collection. I wanted to make something that people could use every day to add to their interior decor and still appreciate nature. I figured it was something that people would buy as gifts and for themselves. It was also something that I knew I could make from start to finish and the manufacturing wouldn’t be too out of my league. Once the idea of twig + SPARK was there, it was easy to come up with some really fun adventure words and quotes for the prints and note cards.

Do you have a favourite piece or item that you have designed so far?

This is tough; I like everything! I have a real personal connection to all the prints because all the pictures were taken on my adventures and all the quotes and sayings inspire me. I also really love the great lakes silhouette coasters. I want to somehow incorporate that design in more things moving forward. I also love the earrings; they are simple and so cute. I get compliments every time I wear them or gift them.

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We know you had great success at the Makers Market in December 2015. Will we be able to find you at any upcoming markets or craft shows this year?

As this year progresses who knows where I will end up; it’s not out of the question but nothing is planned just yet. I had such a great experience at the Maker’s Market and would love to apply again. In the future I would love to represent at the one of a kind show in Toronto.

Although you have just launched, do you have any big plans in store for 2016?

I think this year will be figuring out some growing pains and making some processes better. For sure you can expect some new prints and probably some new coaster designs – maybe some movie or character themed ones. I would also like to work on some new things to introduce in my shop, maybe some wooden jewellery or some larger scale pieces. Eventually I want to offer creating custom coasters once I have enough back stock available.

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How can we purchase from twig + SPARK?

All items are available on my Etsy shop. However, if you live in the Sudbury area and are interested in purchasing something – contact me first and I can pass along a coupon code for free shipping. Once the order is processed, we can meet up and I can give you your goodies. You can also follow me on Instagram: @twigandspark and Facebook: twig + SPARK!


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