Alchemy North: Why we think you need to try out these products

Alchemy North: Why we think you need to try out these products

Our three co-founders received the greatest package from Alchemy North for Christmas and we were all excited to try everything out. We spent the last few weeks using some really amazing new products and today we’re sharing our review of the 8 we loved. If you want to find out more about Alchemy North you can read our interview with Melodie here.

Jessica’s Favourites:

I have hormonal acne prone combination skin so when I say I’ve tried a lot of different skin products over the years I really mean it. I’ve settled into my tried and true favourites after much experimentation but was willing to part ways in favour of a local and natural alternative. After trying the Floral Probiotic Toner I’d say I mad a good choice. The overall tone of my complexion has evened out well –  even in the areas where I usually get dry. With all this cold winter weather moisturization is key! I had already been using Freeman’s overnight moisture mask which is usually a product that works wonders for me when I’m feeling a little dry. Once I started using the Alchemy North toner I could feel that my pores were finally able to soak up all the hydration they were lacking! I also tried out the Perfect Nude lip balm which although didn’t make as much of an impression on me as the toner the mousse like consistence made for easy application and I’ll never pass up a chance to save my smackers from the elements. Left over in my goodie bag is the Sweet Birch Sauna Soap which I am very eagerly awaiting a visit to camp to break out for a true Finnish sauna experience! –

Adriana’s Favourites:

First up is the Frosted Cranberry Lip Mousse. 100% obsessed with this one. The colour is so sheer and subtle that it is suitable to wear everywhere, every day, all the time! The consistency isn’t like a regular gloss; it’s whipped so that it is light and airy and application is perfectly smooth. The best part, though? It’s full of nourishing all-natural ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Next I tried the Moroccan Rose Exfoliating Mask.  This one took some getting use to in terms of application; it’s a dry, powdery clay that you mix with water in the palm of your hand before applying all over the face. After a few different applications, I figured out the right powder to water ratio and ended up loving it! The mask has a very light scent and although it is an exfoliator, it is extremely gentle- this is definitely a plus for dry, sensitive skin during the winter. I’ve tried many different masks, and will be adding the Alchemy North Moroccan Rose Exfoliating Mask into my rotation!

Emily’s Favourites:

When I first opened the Aromatic Orange Deodorant I was slightly confused. I’ve never used a deodorant that you don’t roll onto your pits but after a couple days of using it I don’t think I’ll be going back. This all-natural deodorant has quickly become my new favourite. It doesn’t irritate my skin and smells really amazing. It’s made of a mix of essential oils, arrowroot powder, bentonite and kaolin clays and one application last all day long. I also tried one of the Alchemy North oil cleansers. In the winter my skin is so dry I try to stay away from harsh cleansers because they usually just make it worse. After a week of using the Moroccan Rose Oil Cleanser I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin and I’ll definitely thankful I was able to add this into my daily skincare routine. The last item in my bag of goodies from Alchemy North was the Muskoka Mocha Exfoliating Soap. As a former coffee addict I was very much in love with the scent of this soap and it definitely had my skin feeling soft after each use. Bonus: coffee improves blood circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 


Emily Franceschini is a current nomad, former full-timer and lover of all things purple. She is currently in Australia pursuing her travel dreams while working for Our Crater. In a past life, Emily worked as a marketing manager and spent her free time searching for the perfect cup of coffee. Now all of her time is free time and she's spending it exploring the world.

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