#cansforchristmas Movement

#cansforchristmas Movement

We’ve had a few snowfalls, and the cold is starting to come across Sudbury. Holiday Songs are starting to be played everywhere. Yippee! Christmas is on its way! Many of you may be as excited as me, but this year I had my eyes opened to the fact that many people see Christmas as a stressful time of year.

Not everyone is as fortunate as you are. Yes, we always hear that. But it is very much a reality.  Check-out the recent article in the Sudbury Star here. This article explains that 1 in 10 Sudburians suffer from “Food Insecurity”. This means some family’s are struggling to put food on their table. Most of us have never experienced having to decide between paying for food or paying for rent. Now imagine having young kids that you love, but your finances are so strained that you can’t afford more than a small toy for Christmas.

There is something WE can do about it! Myself and Connor Larocque started a movement in 2015 called CANS FOR CHRISTMAS. Our goal was to try and get people that don’t usually donate to at least make a small contribution – And we had success. But there is still much more we can do.  So, this year we decided to use one of the most powerful engagement tools in the world: SOCIAL MEDIA. Everyone likely remembers the ALS Bucket Challenge, the Harlem shake and the mannequin challenge. What makes these challenges go viral is the fact that each person that participates also nominates several others to make their own video.

Well, I am sure you guessed it! We started the #CansForChristmas challenge. With the power of social media, we are trying to create momentum and encourage people to help donate. Even if it’s just one piece of clothing! Every little bit helps. Even if you have not been nominated look up our Hashtag (#cansforchristmas) and start your own nomination. Nominate three other people in your circle of friends and family.

One last little note. I recently read a book called “The Happiness Hypothesis”. It goes in depth about different aspects of happiness and how to achieve them. To my surprise, one of the most potent ways of creating happiness is to give back. Helping others. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that lasts. Even if you do not directly know who you are helping, you feel the little bit of happiness that your donation will bring!

PLEASE everyone, let’s try and make this the best year of giving yet. If you need a charity to give to, please contact me.


Tristan Ritchie is a young entrepreneur is Sudbury. He loves Business, Investing and Real Estate. In his spare time he loves to explore Sudbury looking for the newest and most exciting adventure!

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