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Local Valentine Gifts to help Nurture your Loved One

Do you have a crush on someone who treats their body like a temple? Or maybe it’s a significant other who has recently taken on a healthier way of life. If so, here are some Valentine gift ideas for your special someone, and to top it all off they are all LOCAL! Massage oil: Yes you could go to some fancy chain store to buy this product, but will they customize it? A local Holistic Nutritionist, Dana Clark, makes her own massage oils using essential oils. Using essential oils for fragrance doesn’t just make it smell beautiful, but also......

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Climb to New Heights with ARC

If you’re looking for a new way to tackle your fitness goals this year, consider ARC, Sudbury’s very own indoor climbing and fitness facility. Since opening its doors in November of 2014, ARC has been a haven for climbing enthusiasts, who can now enjoy their favourite activity year round. We recently sat down with Laura Schmidt, Programming and Marketing Manager, to learn more about this unique facility. What was the inspiration for opening ARC in Sudbury? Our team of owners, Andrew, Allan and Joe are really passionate climbers and are heavily involved in the outdoor climbing community here and......

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Banish Dry Skin with These Winter Skincare Tips

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time where you don’t want to get out of bed because you know you’re going to regret immediately leaving your warm, comfy and perfectly wonderful nest… realizing that just outside your door is the harsh, cold, crisp Northern Ontarian winter air! Which is freezing of course and completely inescapable (unless you’re going on a trip somewhere tropical – in which case, we’re jealous!) Anyway that being said; skin is dehydrating, hair is frizzing, ends are splitting, hands, feet & lips are cracking and lets just face it, you’re basically dreading......

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Hunting for Health: Wild game vs. Farm raised

Tis the season…for hunting and hunting is a big part of living in Northern Ontario – almost every male I know owns a shot gun and camouflage clothing. What most people don’t know is the health behind the meat that they kill and harvest themselves. Animals that are free and run through the forest scavenging their own food have a completely different muscle mass and effect on your body after consuming it then factory farmed meats. This type of meat is more lean then farmed due to the amount of exercise the animal gets. When animals get to exercise......

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Mix up your workout with one of these 8 alternatives to the gym

If you’re like us, you’re probably tired of the January rush at your gym – sick of waiting for a machine to free up, bored with the same old gym routine and looking for a way to spice up your workout. Well it’s time to ditch the treadmill and check out our list of local alternatives to the gym! ARC – Sudbury’s premiere climbing, yoga and fitness facility with over 7000 square feet of indoor rock climbing and a 900 square foot yoga studio. New climbers can get 1 week of unlimited climbing as well as an intro to......

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New Year, New Health Goals

With every New Year comes new goals, maybe it is to try and be more positive, or try to travel more, but the most important one this year should be your health goals. Your body should always be your most important goal and first priority. Below I have listed some things that you may set as goals and some tips on how to achieve them. More Energy – If your goal this New Year is to have more energy than here is a tip to try. Try adding more raw vegetables into your diet. Part of the reason you......

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