What Colour is My Room – Make Your Brand Memorable 

What Colour is My Room – Make Your Brand Memorable 

I’m sitting in a coffee shop and my friend looks over at me and says, “Have you ever heard that quote from Warren Buffett; “I couldn’t tell you what colour my room is because I have numbers running through my head all day”? That quote might not be exact but I hope if it isn’t you will correct me. It was a very cool thing for me to hear at that moment because I have spent years trying to figure out why “we” remember certain things and forget other things. I was a horrendous student. Especially when it came to testing that required any sort of memorization. It wasn’t until years into my career I discovered the best methods for remembering. At this point, as a professional marketer, I can keep track of dozens upon dozens of clients, what their needs are and what we are currently doing and planning with them. 

Here is my system for staying on track and remembering what I have to do and when I have to do it. I write it down, I say it out loud, I read what I wrote and I drink a tea…. It’s that simple. It works for me. These three different methodologies use different systems (speaking, tactile and comprehension) and the fourth is just delicious. What I find even more interesting about this memory tactic is that it’s also a marketing technique. As a marketer, your goal is to ensure people remember you (or your client). Of course, the message is the most key element. Remember this; people don’t remember what you do or say to them, they only remember how you make them feel. So ALWAYS make them feel!!! I’ll give you an example of why this memory tactic works in marketing. Nike doesn’t just make a poster to promo a new shoe. They create a static visual, they produce a video spot and they write content. STATIC IMAGE – VIDEO – TEXT. They have done everything they can to ensure you remember them. That’s what we’re doing as marketers… we’re not just trying to get your attention, we’re trying to make sure you remember us.  

I, like Warren Buffet, also have no idea what color my room is… but I do remember every brand I work with and I know exactly what I need to do to make sure their target market remembers them too.



A branding expert, keynote speaker, a video producer and a proud Sudburian. Cliff Skelliter runs Launchpad Creative, one of Northern Ontario's leading marketing firms. He and his team have worked with the New Sudbury Centre, the Sudbury Wolves, Entertainment Tonight Canada and Graphic-Con.

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