Welcome to the very first edition of Crater Conversations, our new weekly show live on CKLU! So, what exactly is the show all about? Join your host Crater co-founder Jess each week as we sit down with a local guest, we’ll talk about their projects, their passions, and the things they love about our little rock town! We’ll be sitting down with performers, entrepreneurs, community leaders – really anyone with a story. Personal anecdotes, first inspirations, childhood follies, who knows where this will take us but we can’t wait to find out!  Can’t catch the show on air? No worries, all our episodes will be posted on Soundclound afterwards for easy listening. If you’re inclined to tune in live you can dial in to CKLU 96.7 or stream live at


For our very first edition of Crater Conversations we got in touch with Morgan McKee and Lauren Pileggi of Sudbury Burlesque! They’ve been working hard preparing for Monster’s Ball 3: Stripped to the Bone October 27th and 28th at the Grand and if last year’s show is any indication this one is sure to be a sell out! Monster’s Ball 2 sold a record breaking 1,100 tickets and packed the Grand for two straight nights of sometimes scary (but always seductive) performances from Sudbury Burlesque troupe members and out of town guests like honorary Nickelhead Kitty Vin Evil. We specifically were interest in sitting down with Morgan and Lauren as they are coming from very opposite ends of their burlesque journey. Morgan also know as Honey Rider has been with the troupe five years now and has seen the company grow from small 60 capacity shows a Fromagerie Elgin to sold out performances at the Steelworkers Hall and the Grand. Lauren a former competitive dancer has given herself the name of Katrina Cashmere and after assisting in the last few Sudbury Burlesque events she’s finally decided to take the stage. Listen in as we peak behind the curtain of Monster’s Ball 3: Stripped to the Bone! Listen here.


Jessica Lovelace is a Public Relations and Communications grad, musical theatre enthusiast, lover of live music and part-time unicorn tamer. Some have said that the Big Dripper from Sub City is a regional delicacy and the perfect end to a Sudbury Saturday Night – Jessica is definitely one of those people. No, the hair is not a perm.

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