Our Crater X Cambrian College Graphic Design: Tom Beltrame

Our Crater X Cambrian College Graphic Design: Tom Beltrame

We’ve had the chance to talk to some of Sudbury’s finest designers who are all graduates of Cambrian College’s Graphic Design program! Each designer in this series were born in raised right here in Sudbury, and have continued to grow their careers all over the world. Today’s designer is: Tom Beltrame!

Name: Tom Beltrame

School and Program: Graphic Design Program at Cambrian College

Current Location and Profession: Graphic Designer at Legend Boats, Sudbury, ON

First things first: do you have a favourite memory from Cambrian College? Why should other budding designers attend the school’s art and design programs?

My favourite memories are actually the moments that, at the time, I would not anticipate eventually being my favourite memories. Staying up well into the morning working on a design. The nervous energy before presenting a project. Abruptly changing direction on the way home from classes in my car because of a sudden idea.

The concept of experiencing this kind of excitement and determination is not something I thought was possible in post secondary education, especially after having already changed programs once since highschool. But it is, largely in part by the programs passionate faculty (familial biases aside) that push their students to be the best designers they can be.


When did you first realize that you wanted to be a designer?

It was my first time at Design Thinkers that really sold me. I remember feeling like I just discovered a massive secret society operating in broad daylight, but that I was totally unaware of. Graphic design is everywhere in the world, noticeable or not, and there’s this huge diverse industry behind it. I wanted to be a part of it.

Graphic design is all about creativity and innovation; what do you feel makes your work stand out? What is unique about your style?

I don’t believe I have a personal style. There are established design aesthetics and styles that can serve as goal posts when approaching a project, but they shouldn’t be what you aim for. In freelance, your clients are wide- ranging, each with their own set of needs. For example, even though I work in-house at Legend Boats and helped them establish their brand identity and style, I wouldn’t apply that style for other clients. It’s specific to Legend’s needs.


Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

It’s easy to find inspiration through design blogs and websites, or by reading books on various Design topics or ideas. Also, I find just getting out and immersing myself in the city is a great way to draw inspiration from things, design-related or not.

Tell us about a favourite project or piece that you have created!

This past year I had the opportunity to help Legend Boats evolve their brand by designing a new corporate identity for the company. This was a very large project that involved implementing the identity into many elements, such as stationery design, web design, corporate design guidelines, on-product graphics, building signage and way-finding, national ad campaigns and more. As a designer it was a great experience. And, as a member of the Legend team, it’s exciting to see what’s on the horizon as the company continues to grow.


Where do you currently design, and do you have any upcoming projects that you are looking forward to?

I work in-house with Legend Boats. Right now we are developing a brand new design for the annual Legend catalogue due out early next year. Legend has just opened a new factory store in Montreal, and with the construction of Legend’s new headquarters facility in White Fish nearing completion, there are a number of new and exciting projects on the way.

Where can we stay up to date on your work and check out more of your designs?

You can check out my work at behance.net/tombeltrame.


Adriana Nicolucci is a Communications and Film Production graduate, fashion enthusiast, and patterned sock collector. She’s often spotted munching on the Eenie Meenie Grilled Zucchini Pizza at the Buddha. Danny Ocean is her spirit animal, except she’s planning a heist to steal your hearts (not a casino)

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