Our Crater X Cambrian College Public Relations: Madisyn Latham

Our Crater X Cambrian College Public Relations: Madisyn Latham

Many of the Our Crater team members have a background in Public Relations and Communications, so we set out to interview some of our fellow PR graduates from Sudbury who have already launched their professional careers! Read on to find out their stories and what advice they have for incoming students and recent graduates.   Today’s Public Relations graduate is: Madisyn Latham!

Do you have a favourite memory from Cambrian College?

I don’t think I have a specific favourite memory from my time at Cambrian, but I really cherish all the memories I have with the friends I made there. I loved that it was a small class where I could get to know everyone on a really personal level and hang out with them outside of class too!

What inspired you to choose Public Relations at Cambrian College/why should others consider this program?

I liked the idea of having some hard skills to accompany the theory I was learning in university. Being able to get a graduate certificate that actually threw me into real life situations that I would eventually experience in the workplace was something that has been so valuable for me in my professional life. I think having a degree is great and something that employers really value, but I also think being able to say to someone in an interview “I’ve done this and here are examples of where I applied these skills” can give you such an advantage over other job seekers.

What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Well, I ended up getting a Master’s degree after I was finished at Cambrian, so I really feel like my career in public relations is just beginning. So far, I think the most memorable moment of my career was when I had just started an internship and was feeling a little like I was unsure of myself and the skills I had to offer the organization. I was talking to one of my fellow PR grads and she told me, “Don’t ever hold back because you don’t think you’re smart enough or experienced enough to contribute.” I think about that pep talk all the time now, and I think it’s a lesson all grads should remember- your contributions are valuable, no matter how small! Never avoid speaking up because you think your ideas are stupid or won’t be well received.

What is something you hope to achieve in your career?

I hope that one day I’ll have enough experience that I can build a successful PR business myself. My ultimate goal is be my own boss.

Do you have any advice for new PR grads or students who are just entering the program?

Use the resources at Cambrian to get yourself ready for your career. Network with teachers and guests that they have come in, ask lots of questions and make as many friends as you can, because those people will connect you to other people in the field who can help kickstart your career. Amanda Thirkill (a fellow grad) introduced me to my current employer! THANKS AMANDA!


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