You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing! The cutest walk up ice cream window is the newest addition to the vegan clan on Kathleen! Flurples offers non-dairy ice cream AND cookie dough by the scoop – and if that doesn’t have you drooling towards the Donovan, I’m not sure what will! We got the inside scoop about the menu, our curiosity behind the quirky name and an exciting response towards potential Flurples winter-style!

Tell us a little about Flurples.

Flurple’s is a walk up ice cream window in the heart of the Donovan. Completely vegan, we serve up all sorts of dairy-free goodness.

Where did the unique name stem from?

The shop is actually named after my husband’s childhood dog, Flurple, a little terrier with a lot of personality. As the story goes, when Flurple was having her puppies, she kept her energy up with a little bowl of ice cream my father in law fed her. It’s such a whimsical name, we thought it was perfect for an ice cream shop!

Tell us about the menu! Flavours, toppings, cookie dough, deliciousness, etc.

We had a lot of fun dreaming up this menu, and our sundaes are definitely the crowd favourites. We’ve got something for everyone too – salted caramel & kettle corn, hot fudge with bits of fresh cookie dough, homemade peanut butter cups, and even one topped with vegan marshmallows and a birthday candle. Most of our toppings are made fresh right next door at Beards Bakery, from the sauces and PB cups, to the cookie dough. (And yes, it’s true, you can order our cookie dough by the scoop!)

We’re curious about the dairy-free aspect! What is the alternative base in the ice cream?

It was a given that the shop would only offer vegan delights, so we worked hard to try all the ice creams we could to find our favourites. (It’s hard work but someone had to do it.) Our soft serve is soy-based and our firm ice cream is coconut-based.

May we look forward to vegan ice cream during the winter as well?

Sure! We’ve got some fun ideas in store…

Where else can we find information about Flurples?

Find us on Instagram and on Facebook, but better yet – come see us at the shop! Look for the giant polk-a-dot building across from Tucos Taco Lounge.


Isabelle Roy is an HK student at Laurentian University, fueled by coffee and sarcasm with an absurd love for Ben Howard. If she isn’t found belting out karaoke, you can assume she is drinking good wine with her dog. The only thing she loves more than chili cheese fries from Tucos is Miles Teller.

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