Have Fun on the Water with SUP YOGA INC

Have Fun on the Water with SUP YOGA INC

Sudbury is lucky to be home to some 330 lakes. SUP Yoga INC, a new stand up paddle boarding and yoga company wants to help Sudburians get the most out of the beautiful surroundings.

“We want people to be happy on the water and reconnect with themselves through yoga,” said SUP YOGA INC CEO, Meghan Juuti. “ It’s an opportunity to re-wire those relationships with each other and with ourselves and let go of technology for a moment”. 

Juuti, along with her business partner Paul Thusuka founded the company in January of 2016 and five short months later they had a fleet of nine boards and were out on the water with classes in full swing.


“Everything happened super fast and before I knew it, we were out on the water,” said Juuti. “We’re learning the web site stuff and social media and getting familiar with the Sudbury market but it’s been great so far”.

Juuti credits her athletic background as one of the main reasons why she has embraced SUP yoga.

“My background is as a yoga teacher and before that I was a competitive runner,” said Juuti. “So I really like the duality of the calm zen yoga with the competitive aspect of the paddling”. 

The unique combination of yoga and paddling in the classes is drawing praise from newcomers and experienced paddlers alike. 

“It was my first time out with Meghan and I absolutely loved it,” said Elizabeth Schweyer. “She’s great as an instructor because she helps you just relax and enjoy yourself when you’re out on the water”.

Pam Vanstraten has been attending classes twice weekly with Meghan since the middle of June and says she is hooked on SUP yoga.

“It’s amazing because the whole experience of floating on the water gives you a sense of peace and I finish every class feeling exhilarated”.

Vanstraten lauds Juuti’s ability to read her audience and encourage them to challenge themselves.

Find our  more on their website supyogainc.com of follow them on social media:

Instagram – @supyogasudbury

Facebook – /supyogasudbury

Twitter – @supyogasudbury


Phil Howard is a Business Communications graduate, avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. The New England Patriots are his favourite team and in the summer, he can be found on the baseball field at Terry Fox.

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