Fandoms unite, this weekend Graphic Con, the North’s biggest con experience coming to the Sudbury Arena for one day only Saturday June 10th! Last year the con broke its attendance record with an astonishing 5000 in attendance! Proving once and for all the geek culture is strong in Northern Ontario! Presented by Launch Pad Creative and Greater Sudbury Public Library this team of super heroes are committed to bringing the full convention experience to Northerners, promoting literacy through the fun and fantasy that can only be found in the world of comic books – and all for an accessible price point with tickets ringing in at just $5 (get yours here)!  We know you’re excited and there will be a lot to check out while you’re there so we wanted to give you some highlights so you can really prepare yourself for the day.

What would a con be without guest speakers and panel discussions? Whether you’re new or old to fandom there is sure to be something to pique your interest. Sit in and listen to the experts as they impart their wisdom or even just elaborate on plot theories with fans just like you! We’ve got a full list of the panels below so you can make sure to maximize your time at the con!

  • Cosplay on a Budget with Janelle Taillon 11AM Panel Room
  • YouTube Success with Pod Fiction 4:15PM Panel Room
  • Making Comic in 2017 4:30 Mainstage
  • Northern Game Design Challenge panel 3:30PM Mainstage
  • From Harajuku to Sudbury : Japanese Street Fashion & Beyond 3:15PM Panel Room
  • Indie Film North: A Panel of Film Makers at Graphic Con 1PM Meeting Room
  • Degrassi on Tour 2PM Mainstage

Special guests are often the hit of the con and Graphic Con is not exception! The team has painstakingly assembled a group of some of the best minds in fan culture to enlighten the minds of Northerners with their vast knowledge on all sorts of topics. Cartoonist and illustrator Tom Fowler, Andrew Thomas & Davis Dewsbury of Great North Comics​, prolific zombie artist Rob Sacchetto,  Crimson Dawn – Klingon Assault Group Timmins, even a replica of Herbie, The Love Bug will be there! If that’s not enough to get your head spinning we don’t know what is!

Cosplay is easily one of the most fun activities to take part in at a convention. When else would you be able to walk into a room dressed as an obscure character and have everyone recognize you? Kick off the weekend with a cosplay meet up Friday June 9th at Golded Pizza for a heroes vs. villians showdown and enjoy specialty drinks, raffles, games and trivia (19+)! Now that you’re in the spirit get ready to hit the Graphic Con red carpet, register at the Greater Sudbury Public Library booth for your chance to struck your costume work on the mainstage with Graphic Con paparazzi on hand to capture it all! Matt Ellis AKA Iron Claugh Cosplay, TraumaticCandy​, Slagged Alliance, Sudbury Ontario’s Mighty Morphin Red Ranger are just a few of the cosplay experts that will be on hand for you to meet!

Vendors galore! We hope you’ve been saving up because this will be the day to empty your bank accounts and splurge on all your fandom specialty items! With so many options under one roof it’s going to be tough to decide what treasures to bring home. Northern Ontario Video and Anime, Comics North – Hidden Level Games, Chop Shop Goods, Mojoverse, CHRISTORIA CREATIONS, Tracylouwho, Sparklegirl, Otaku Plush, Stardust Gremlin, Rob Sacchetto Zombie Portraits, are just a few that will be on hand with dozens more for you to check out in person!


Jessica Lovelace is a Public Relations and Communications grad, musical theatre enthusiast, lover of live music and part-time unicorn tamer. Some have said that the Big Dripper from Sub City is a regional delicacy and the perfect end to a Sudbury Saturday Night – Jessica is definitely one of those people. No, the hair is not a perm.

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