Get through those dreaded exams with these study tips

Get through those dreaded exams with these study tips

If you thought Halloween was the most frightening time of the year, guess again! Do you hear that sound? No, it’s not the cries of Halloween enthusiasts, but instead the aggravated screams of a thousand university students as they tear at their hair and slam their textbooks shut. Yes, the dreaded midterm season has begun!

The sad realization that summer has officially come to an end has hit us hard as classes are now in full swing and the thought of midterms looms over our heads; the stress of studying has sunk in, and the desire to binge watch Netflix and pray for a passing grade becomes a seemingly better option.

D O N ‘T  P A N I C!

This is what we’re here for! 

If you’re hoping for some solid marks (we’re not promising any A’s!), here is a list of our favourite study tips to help you power through these exams and come out feeling energized and accomplished! 

  • Find your perfect study spot: Take your books, coffee, and laptop to a quiet place that throws off some good study energy and doesn’t offer to many distractions.
  • Pick up a study buddy: Nobody likes to study alone, so grab a friend or a classmate and help encourage each other to review those notes!
  • Make up some brain food: While its always easier to grab some fast food on the way to the library instead of bringing a healthy option with you, that may not be the route you want to take; eating poorly clouds your mental faculties and makes you feel tired and sluggish so opt for snaking on some brain power foods such as walnuts, berries, and dark chocolate to help you feel energized and ready to hit the books!
  • Take a break: Don’t burn yourself out! It’s actually recommended to take a break after a few hours of studying to help restore your energy and concentration.
  • Sleep: While many university students are notorious for pulling an all-nighter the night before a big midterm exam, it’s actually one of the worst things that you can do. Getting enough sleep the night before is critical to give your body and mind the energy it needs to ace that test!

Everyone knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we also put together our most used and favoured stress relief tactics to help put your body and your mind at ease; whether you’re prepping for exams or celebrating the successful completion of them, these tactics will help ensure your mental wellness continues to stay strong!

  • Exercise: Stand up, shake it off, get that blood pumping!
  • Fresh air: Whether you’re heading outside for a little walk, sitting on your front steps drinking a hot cup of coffee, or even just cranking open the window in your home.
  • Sauna: Seek out the sauna my friend! Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching, a nice hot sauna is a good way to get you feeling calm; sweating out all the toxins that you’ve got stored up in that body of yours will help decrease that sluggish feeling and help to keep your mind clear.
  • Salt lamps: Not just for home décor! Salt lamps provide a number of amazing benefits such as increasing mood and concentration, cleansing and purifying the air, and helping with seasonal depression, to name a few.
  • Meditation: New to meditation? No worries! You can grab a book and learn the ways or simply sit at home and wing it; either way, sitting quietly for a few minutes every day and blocking out the noise and stress of the world around you will do you wonders.

Let’s face it, studying will never been fun and midterms will never be easy, but it doesn’t have to be a horror show! By simply being prepared, skipping the usual procrastination, and keeping your body and mind well, we know that you can ace those exams and indulge in a few celebratory drinks; here’s to a good season Voyageurs, cheers!


Mackenzie is a Communications student, coffee addict, and a major bookworm. The love of her life is her son, Fynn, and during her free time Mackenzie likes to dive into paranormal romance novels as she is a sucker for the strange and unusual.

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