This past weekend Sudbury saw the return of GRAPHIC CON – the comic and all things geeky convention presented by the Greater Sudbury Public Library and Launch Pad Creative. Their 3rd year saw an outstanding turn out of more than 5,000 Northern fans! My personal opinion … it was #nerdgasmic!


If you didn’t happen to be spending a sunny Saturday afternoon downtown partaking in the sights and sounds at Rotary Blues for Food or enjoying one of our many gorgeous street side patios, you might not have known it was happening. For those spending their time in our downtown core however maaaaay have notice some odd wardrobe choices as Stormtroopers, Klingons, Pokémon and characters of all sorts  wandered the streets. Just a small taste of what was hidden within the downtown arena. I had the opportunity to explore the sensory overload which we call Graphic-Con – I survived and am here to tell you all about it.

In true convention form, the arena was filled with booths of vendors and entrepreneurs from all across Canada and especially from Northern Ontario. Dotted with fan favourite costumes, the lanes of vendor booths were constantly packed.

Crimson Dawn

I had an opportunity to meet the Crimson Dawn, a division of the Klingon Assault Group based in Timmins, who are raising awareness, support, and funds for Rainbow Camp a LGTBQ2+ friendly youth camp based in Thessalon. I had no idea the Klingons were supporting this and it warmed my heart this Pride Month.


Tracy Baker  

Stumbling on the Maker of Things Co-Founder Tracy Baker, it really felt like being in Downtown Sudbury. Walking past Tracy’s hut, I fell in love with the positivity and ultra-adorable artworks and sculptures on display. When I approached she was working on a Princess Leia bust sculpture which warmed my nerd heart.


Rob Sacchetto

Another Northern Ontario and Sudbury maker, Rob Sacchetto has put his name out there in the world of zombie art. Rob has been featured by numerous media outlets and has been commissioned by the likes of The Walking Dead execs to create zombie portraits.


Expired Comics

Big Nick is back is issue two! If you haven’t heard of Big Nick yet, this is your moment so listen up! Big Nick is a superhero based in Sudbury who, like all superheroes, fight crime, battle villains and monsters, and do good deeds. In issue two, Big Nick, equipped with his nickel shield, battles with the Bedrock Titan.


North the Comic

I had the opportunity to connect with Scott Sawyer, creator of NORTH the comic. With every eager interaction with people at his booth, he gave them the background of the comic, which of course we filmed for the rest of you.


With all of the buzz of Graphic Con this past month, it was definitely worth the visit. If you haven’t been to Graphic Con yet, go, you won’t regret it! Especially, if you like many of us as a child love a certain sci-fi or geeky show, you’ll find it here.


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