Greater Sudbury has a new food strategy!

Greater Sudbury has a new food strategy!

The Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council and the Social Planning Council of Sudbury launched The Greater Sudbury Food Strategy this week! The two part event consisted of a workshop session with 60 key stakeholders from various organizations gathering to commit to implement the 5 Pillars of the Food Strategy. The second part was an evening celebration with 160 people in attendance who enjoyed an all-local dinner, live music and a presentation of the Food Strategy.

This document has been in planning and development for several years and is is the hope that the Food Strategy will be adopted to guide Greater Sudbury into a future which holds an equitable, sustainable, and vibrant food system for our city. This strategy describes five food themes: Healthy Food Access and Literacy, Growing Food (not for profit), Forest and Freshwater Foods, Food Retail, Service and Tourism,  Agriculture and Food Processing. Each theme has specific goals and actions items. You can find out more about the Greater Sudbury Food Strategy here.


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