For any of you who have never been to Thrive Health Food Essentials, it offers a selected variety of products.  They specialize more in local/homemade products and the owners are the kindest ladies to talk to. Here are some products I checked out that I enjoyed and I recommend you try too!

Heavenly Organics- Ginger chocolate honey patties:

This is a yummy gluten free, dairy free treat that has no added sugar.  Due to the fact that this product includes 100% dark chocolate and raw white honey it has some immune boosting antioxidants.  The outside shell is very bitter, but the honey ginger inside is sweet and gooey, and pretty delicious.

Pioneer Spirit- Pure beeswax candles:

Do you love to sit by candle light? I feel like candles add an ambience to a room, but did you know some candles are better for you than others? I am not going to sit here and lecture you on why fragrance is bad….  All you basically need to know is that candles that have fragrance/perfumes in them are spreading toxins in your air.  These candles on the other hand are made from bees wax, and are better for your health due to the fact that they give off negative ions while burning.  Negative ions will burn off dust or pollen in the air (basically acting as an air purifier), and even better they are made locally in Northern Ontario.

Tea Literate:

Do you love tea? I love tea, especially loose leaf tea.  I find loose leaf teas help you get the most flavour, and are usually full of real ingredients and less artificial flavours.   This company has created some amazing flavours and blends of tea that are sure to satisfy any tea lovers pallet.  Once again this product is locally mixed and packaged here in Northern Ontario.

For more info on Thrive Health Food Essentials you can check out their Facebook page!


Cassie-Lee Tario (C.N.P) is a Holistic Nutritionist and the former owner of The HeartBeet Cafe. She loves to cook, create new recipes and share her health knowledge with everyone. To find out more info about her or how to contact her visit

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