The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes tons of excuses to eat drink and be merry! Getting home at the end of the night can sometimes be a challenge but it is most definitely necessary to make sure you have a plan to get home safely and responsibly. We’ve all been there at one time or another where your plans change and you’re stuck in a jam. It sure would be easy to just hop in your car and drive home, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard someone say, “it’s not that far, I’ll take the backroads”. Let us set the record straight – DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE IS NOT COOL!

In order to be legally safe to drive you must be able to blow a BAC of 0.08% of less, but remember alcohol and other substances affects everyone differently. If your high school days taught you anything it’s that there can be a lot of variables that can change your tolerance. Young drivers under 21 or with 5 years or less driving experience must be able to blow a 0.00% – that means nothing in your system at all! According to MADD Canada, 4 people a day are killed in accidents involving impaired drivers. Data collected in 2013 by MADD reports that 48.5% of fatal accidents were due to drivers making the choice to drive under the influence.

We don’t want Sudburians contributing to these statistics this holiday season. So to make sure you’re well equipped for a fun night out and a safe delivery home we’ve compiled a list of services to get you back to your cozy bed (or whoever’s bed you’re going to, we don’t judge).


Parents, family, friends, neighbours. Whoever it is, reach out to some kind sober soul in your life. Make the arrangements ahead of time or hope they’ve forgotten to put their phone on do-not-disturb. Either way, we’re sure your loved ones will be happy to know you made it home safe and sound.

SAFE RIDE HOME – 705-675-2255

Operates every Friday and Saturday for the month of December including New Year’s Eve from 8pm-3am. A team of 3 SRH volunteers arrive and drive you in your own vehicle home for the night. This is a free holiday service so please remember to donate generously when using the service! And give a great big thank you to those helpful volunteers!


Download the mobile app to request and track your ride. A Driverseat fleet will arrive and drive you home in style in your own vehicle. This is definitely a cost effective alternative to a cab and bonus – your car is already there for brunch the next morning!


Sudbury also has a number of taxi companies that are just a quick call away. Here’s a list of some numbers you should add to your contacts:

AARON TAXI -705-670-0000

AC TAXI – 705-586-7777

BARRYDOWNE TAXI -705-560-3210

CITY TAXI – 705-673-9999

DAN’S TAXI – 705-525-8294




Jessica Lovelace is a Public Relations and Communications grad, musical theatre enthusiast, lover of live music and part-time unicorn tamer. Some have said that the Big Dripper from Sub City is a regional delicacy and the perfect end to a Sudbury Saturday Night – Jessica is definitely one of those people. No, the hair is not a perm.

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