Northern Ontario Microbrew Festival

Northern Ontario Microbrew Festival

If you follow us on social media you probably saw that we were at the Northern Ontario Microbrew Festival all weekend and if you weren’t there, you really missed out! It was such a great time – props to the team over at Stack Brewing for putting on such a kick ass event! We’re already looking forward to next years. I’m still a relatively new craft beer drinker but I was super impressed by every single beer I tried over the two days.

I tried to check out at least one from every single brewery. The most interesting beer I tried was Beau’s Tyrannosaurus Gruit or “the beet beer” as our friends’ over at Sudbury in a Box referred to it as all weekend. This beer was seriously beet-y but if you’re into that, you should definitley try it out. White Water Brewing Co had a delicious blonde ale – Farmer’s Daughter – not sure I’m sold on the name but I would drink it again for sure. Another favourite was Golden Beach from Sawdust City Brewing Co. This one is loaded with citrus and I think it will be my go to summer brew.  I really enjoyed OutSpoken Brewing’s Pottswurth Maple Breakfast Stout, perfect for when drinking beer for breakfast is an option. My all time favourite beer from this weekend was the same as my all time favourite beer from last year – Split Rail’s Hawberry Ale. I seriously cannot get enough, this beer is delicious.

And because we want to keep rubbing it in that you missed a killer time, here are some photos of all of the fun things that  happened throughout the weekend.

A lot of the brewery’s were selling awesome Beer swag and Old Soul Soap Company was there selling their beer soaps!

The baller pass holders got to participate in some pretty interesting Education Sessions.

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Amazing live music both days. Friday we got to check out Sudbury favourite Murder Murder and Elliott Brood.


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We were also treated to an amazing performance by Sudbury Burlesque. 

Collective Haus was in the house cutting hair to raise money for the Northern Cancer Foundation.



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