Northern Ontario’s Local Colouring Book: Woodland Animals of Manitoulin Island

Northern Ontario’s Local Colouring Book: Woodland Animals of Manitoulin Island

Duncan Neganigwane Pheasant is the artist behind the very popular (and locally made) colouring book, Woodland Animals of Manitoulin Island. Originally from Manitoulin, Duncan began his art career at a very young age. While colouring, readers will also be able to learn about the Ojibwe language and culture! Find out more in our interview with Duncan.

When did you first being drawing?

High school I made and sold my first painting; it was of the rock group KISS!

What made you decide to publish your illustrations as a colouring book?

The idea originally came from my friend Pat Hess to create a colouring book, and we both came up with the plan to add Ojibwa translations to it.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating your artwork?

My inspiration comes from the stories told to me by my grandfather Ambrose Pheasant!

Manitoulin Colouring Book

Are there any artists or styles of art that influence your own work?

My number one influence would have to be Aboriginal Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau.

We understand that there is something special at the back of each colouring book. Can you tell us about it and why you decided to include it?

The back cover of each book has a painting that’s included in the book, and the back of the book has the coloured versions of each picture. It also has the Ojibwe words for each animal. I believe it will be helpful in influencing people of all ages to learn more about the Ojibwe language.

Where can we purchase Woodland Animals of Manitoulin Island?

The books are available at Coles book stores and Chapters bookstores, and they can be purchased online through our Facebook page, Woodland Animals of Manitoulin Island.


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