Ornate by Cait Is Now Online!

Ornate by Cait Is Now Online!

You may remember our interview with Caitlin Gringas of Ornate by Cait last year. Now, her business has expanded and many of her shawls, capes, and dresses are available for purchase online! We asked Caitlin to tell us a little more about her new website and what pieces she is getting ready to release this spring and summer.

We are so excited that we are now able to purchase items from your online shop! When did the site go live?

My online shop ornatebycait.com went live February 1st of this year (2017). I’m very excited to be taking this new approach to my business and had so much fun designing my site. The convenience of online shopping, as well as door to door delivery, will allow my customers to easily access the ornate pieces they love!

Do you have a favourite product available for purchase?

My favourite product at the moment is a new style; “the pocket dress”. It is a simple piece which makes it easy to wear and incorporates a handy pocket, of course. The dress is comfortable and suits many sizes in various feminine lightweight prints.

We know that each item is unique and handmade; what makes each piece special?

I invest a lot of time and thought in my work ensuring they are all created with love. All Items are created based on inspiration and I tend to become attached to each piece. Each item is special because when I purchase my fabrics, buttons, lace and other materials they often sit to the side until I one day know exactly what piece I should use them for.

Are there any big plans for Ornate by Cait in the spring/summer? Do you have any new pieces that you are excited to share?

I am anxiously awaiting the reveal of my spring/summer line. I love the changing of seasons because it gives me an opportunity to change up my fabrics and patterns and allows me to start fresh again. I will have many new styles and continued past favourites.


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