Shop Local: Feeling Bohemian with Ornate by Cait

Shop Local: Feeling Bohemian with Ornate by Cait

Caitlin Gingras is the girl behind Ornate by Cait, a locally made clothing line that features one-of-a-kind wraps, shawls, cardigans, you name it! Each piece is unique; sewn together by Caitlin herself. Her new designs are perfect for all summer outings, from hanging out at the beach, to attending a music festival, or even sitting around a campfire. Find out more about Caitlin, Ornate by Cait, and where you can purchase her products!

Ornate by Cait

Photo: Jaymie Muncaster

Tell us a bit about yourself and Ornate by Cait. Where did the idea come from, when did you begin, and what type of products do you create?

Ornate by Cait started almost one year ago. I was searching for something different for myself; a way to stand out. Having a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I am always looking for a creative outlet. I started sewing a few items and it really went much further than I had anticipated. I gave my items a name, Ornate, because each item is intricate, mixing patterns and incorporating a sort of decoration with lace, and Cait is short for Caitlin. Ornate by Cait has allowed me to merge my passions for art, fashion and sewing together to create wearable pieces of art.

What is your creative process; how do you come up with a design for each piece, and how do you put them together?

I am inspired by each individual piece of fabric. Depending on the weight or type or fabric, I will narrow down the style of the garment and if it will need a personal touch like lace or buttons. The idea is that each creation is flirty, feminine and a little bohemian but can be dressed up or down.


Photo: Jaymie Muncaster

Do you make multiples of each item, or is every piece one-of-a-kind?

Each piece is one-of-a-kind as I do not use patterns this ensures each item is unique. All fabric is purchased in smaller lots where there is only enough to make one or two items of the same fabric. This is very important to me.

Do you have any big plans for Ornate by Cait in 2016?

My plans for Ornate by Cait this year are to expand by launching a full website so clients have the option to purchase direct.

Ornate By Cait

Photo: Jaymie Muncaster

Where can our readers purchase your products?

At the moment my designs can be purchased by request on my Facebook page, Hub17 (Massey, ON) as well as Mudge Bay Mercantile in Kagawong, opening late May 2016.

One last fun fact about Caitlin: I am a coffee ADDICT. Coffee keeps me going, and keeps me sewing!



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