Shop Local: Tree Top Bath & Body

Shop Local: Tree Top Bath & Body

Fans of LUSH, the Body Shop, and Kiehl’s rejoice: Sudbury has its very own natural line of face and beauty products made right here in our hometown! Jen Stiller is the owner of Tree Top Bath & Body, a natural line of products including soaps, scrubs, body butters, toners, and even soy candles! Fun fact: We personally can’t live without her infamous Green Tea Toner, and are obsessed with her Coconut Lime body butter! Jen filled us in on how she started making her natural beauty line, as well as her big upcoming plans for Tree Top this year!

Tell us about yourself! When did you begin your business? What made you decide to start creating bath and body products?

I was inspired after explore my creative side after listening to Brenee Brown’s audio book “The Power of Vulnerability”. Brown is a shame researcher. In her book, Brown identified some of the common threads in “whole hearted people” from her research data. One of the threads was the importance of creativity. I had never given it much thought, to be honest. I already considered myself to be fulfilled in many ways, but began to think about ways I engaged in creative processes; concluding that I perhaps was not as engaged as I previously thought! I had no major interest in learning a musical instrument (though I love music) nor did I do any kind of art.  The apparent lack of creativity in my life caused me to seriously reflect about what I could do, and this soul searching led me to think of things that were interesting to me, and lightened my heart. 

I loved scrubs and soaps and was always looking for products made with natural ingredients that were cruelty free and had the delicious scent of essential oils. So, I decided to start making them just for me! I became very preoccupied with the entire process and was inspired by others that were doing the same. I purchased cold process soap and a soy candle kit… and Tree Top was born shortly thereafter. I was impressed with my recipes and started to share them with family and friends. Everything that Tree Top currently makes has been tried and tested by myself.

Tree Top slowly evolved and soon enough family and friends wanted to purchase my products.  My best friend’s husband, Dion Eng, a web designer and photographer, designed my beautiful logo and assisted with the labeling and design process. I always tell him he is the heartbeat of Tree Top. He has been able to ensure that the product is beautiful on both the inside and out!  I have received so much support and assistance since Tree Top’s inception, everyone that I have needed has always fallen, it seems, directly from the sky into Tree Top’s very welcoming arms.  I think Tree Top has helped me to become a more whole hearted person!


Photo: Dion Eng

What types of products do you sell?

I sell a variety of products, including:

  • Body butter
  • Body Oil Spray
  • Himalayan salt and sugar scrub
  • Coffee Scrub (AKA peppermint mud scrub)
  • Natural cream deodorant

My facial line of products includes the following:

  • Australian pink clay face wash (AKA luxurious face wash)
  • Rose Glow day and night moisturizer
  • Green Tea toner
  • Face Polish (made with activated charcoal) a must have
  • Face serum (currently being tested by friends and family and soon available to purchase)

Tree Top also offers:

  • Soap bars
  • Soy candles (via special order)
  • Soy tarts for wax warmers
  • Linen/Air and Body Spray

We understand that your products are organic and cruelty free (which is amazing by the way)! Why is it important to you that each item meets these requirements?

Tree Top is not organically certified; however organic ingredients are used whenever possible. High quality ingredients are important to Tree Top. I am very careful when ordering from my suppliers to ensure sustainability, fair trade, and no animal testing!


Photo: Dion Eng

How do you make each item to ensure that it meets these requirements? What sorts of ingredients are used, and what makes Tree Top Bath and Body items unique?

To ensure these standards are met, I only work with suppliers whose objectives include selling only high quality ingredients that have been ethically produced. 

  • When purchasing I look for certifications that are VEGECERT (Certified Vegan), KOSHER, ETC.  For example, all of my Shea butter is certified under the GSA (Global Shea Alliance, which “promotes industry sustainability, quality practices and standards”(
  • “The Certified Vegan Logo is a registered trademark, similar in nature to the kosher mark, for products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals.” ( 
  • Tree Top does carry a certified Organic Beeswax that is used in our deodorants. “Our Organic Canadian Beeswax is 100% pure and processed under Organic conditions that meet the USDA Standards.” ( 
  • Tree Top is always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while being mindful of what ingredients are used. For products that require a preservative because water is a part of the product, I have carefully chosen a product that provides a highly effective broad spectrum anti-microbial that is paraben- free and used at less than 1% in my formulation.  Most of my products do not have added water and therefore don’t require any preservation.

Photo: Dion Eng

Do you have a favourite product, item, or scent that you carry?

I often find myself saying “this is one of my favourite products” after saying that about another product. Scent is highly subjective. My favorite oils are citrus and peppermint. 

I am very proud of Tree Top’s skin care line—I have received very positive feedback and a lot of returning customers. My newest product is a face polish infused with Shea, evening primrose oil, and activated charcoal. It leaves my skin looking so refreshed and glowing. 

I am in the process of working on a new serum and making adjustments as I receive feedback and continue to collect data. Tree Top’s natural deodorant has been a huge seller as well, it actually really works and smells divine. The Himalayan Salt and Sugar scrub is a favourite of mine for many reasons, including the scent and how moisturized my skin feels afterwards. I love, love, love the peppermint mud scrub as well, especially when I’m feeling tired and need a little pick me up! What can I say? I like a lot of my products!

Where can we purchase Tree Top Bath & Body products?

You can now buy Tree Top Bath & Body products at Stitch & Stone on Cedar Street in Downtown Sudbury and at Myoga in the south end location!

You will soon be able to purchase off of my website, but if you send me an email or message; arrangements can be made to ship. 

How can we keep in touch with you and Tree Top Bath& Body, and find out about your upcoming events?

Please come and visit our Facebook Page, for updates, events that are being hosted, or new products being launched. The website,, is currently undergoing its own makeover. Soon, people will be able to visit the site look at the product, picture, description, ingredients and instructions on how to use. My brilliant web designer and friend Dion Eng is hard at work…so, stay tuned!


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