#SNEscape: Will you make it out?

#SNEscape: Will you make it out?

You’re sitting in the waiting room at CortX Laboratories watching an orientation video when all of the sudden something happens…before you know it, you have 45 minutes to escape before becoming a part of the experiment. Solve the puzzles and crack the codes to freedom while collecting evidence along the way!

This scenario comes to life in Science North’s newest installation, the Escape Room. The Escape Room opened on January 20, 2017 after more than a year of hard work by Science North’s blue coats. The Escape Room was chosen as the newest installation at Science North because, “we are always looking for fun, innovative, and new experiences for our visitors. Escape Rooms are a unique and interactive way for people to engage in science,” says Renee LePera, Senior Manager, Visitor Services and Sales.

The Escape Room was created in hopes to “achieve a high level of visitor satisfaction with the experience, in that our visitors have a ton of fun while learning!” saysRenee LePera.

The Escape Room involves several types of puzzles that will take a wide-range of knowledge to successfully escape. Attendees will be put to the test with hidden clues, mathematical equations, pattern recognition, and more in the Escape Room. Groups can participate with a minimum of two people and maximum of eight. Ages 16 and up are recommended but children under 16 can participate in private bookings with adult supervision. Private bookings can be arranged by contacting a Science North booking agent.

Puzzles will change every six months to keep the room fresh and exciting, giving people the chance to revisit and challenge themselves again and again. The Escape Room is open seven days a week, starting at 12 p.m. The schedule can change so it is best to check the website before attending. Tickets are $25 for general visitors and Science North members receive 10% off.

The current Escape Room has been designed for 20-25% of participants to be able to successfully escape. Science North says the best way to prepare is to relax and not pressure yourself. The game is meant to be fun. A way for friends, co-workers, and family to get together and work together towards something. Escape Rooms are a great tool for team-building and building relationships!

The team at Our Crater went to Science North to escape the room firsthand and left our three participants puzzled; ultimately the room won. With a little more time and maybe a brush up on our math skills we could have escaped successfully! We still had a blast trying to solve the puzzles together and can’t wait to go back and try again!

Do you have what it takes to escape? #SNEscape


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