Sudbury Music Spotlight: DJ Felix Felicis

Sudbury Music Spotlight: DJ Felix Felicis

Greg McGarry, also known within the Sudbury community as DJ Felix Felicis, is going to be bringing us the 90s throwback we’ve all been waiting for at Y2Crater! Check out our interview with DJ Felix Felicis below.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a DJ?

When I was in high school I would go to parties and grab all my friends’ IPods and be in control of whatever stereo system there was. I always liked the idea of sound-tracking life’s events, especially parties. After a year of doing that, I did my research and bought my first DJ controller and started DJing high school dances, proms, formals, and anything anybody would let me DJ. It wasn’t until I moved to Ottawa that I got a glimpse at what professional DJs do. I started going to shows every weekend and that’s when I knew that if I could be a travelling DJ I would be happy as a clam.

What is your most memorable experience or favourite venue that you’ve played?

My most memorable moment would have to be New Year’s Eve 2015. My friends opened an after hours bar, and New Year’s Eve was opening night, and I was asked to DJ through the New Year. I chose “Language” by Porter Robinson to ring in the New Year. I timed it perfectly so the drop would happen right at midnight. It was super surreal. It wasn’t the biggest crowd or anything, and not even my song, just the way it all happened and the energy made it super cool.

Do you have any musicians or DJs that inspired you to launch your music career?

Hip-hop was my first love so my early influences were Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye (Pre Yeezus Kanye). I didn’t get into dance music until I heard Deadmau5 and Skrillex during the early days of the latest “EDM boom.” From there I’d have to say I look up to Hard Events CEO Gary Richards aka Destructo, I also think A-trak is one of the best DJs alive, and I’ll finish off my list with Eric Prydz just because he’s awesome.

If you could work with any famous DJ or musician, who would it be?

If I have to limit myself to DJs, I think working with Jaime XX would be the best. His solo stuff along with his band’s content is out of this world, and he has the best DJ set I’ve ever seen. Working with Diplo looks like fun too.

Do you have a favourite song that you’ve recorded?

I haven’t done much producing lately but I did make a hip-hop track in high school that I still listen to on the regular. It’s a super simple beat but the piano melody I can’t duplicate or re-learn, so it’s the only copy I have. I made a rap to it, you know, like most Sudbury kids did back then.

Where can we listen to more of your tracks, and how can we stay in touch?

I have a Mixcloud account with my signature “Do Your Homework” mixes. I’ve been meaning to make more, but life is busy. I recently joined the dark side of DJing and started up my own DJ and Events company called Vicarious Entertainment. I specialize in private events, weddings, formals, office parties, and anything else that needs a DJ. It’s keeping me busy and on the tables.

Get your tickets for Y2CRATER and come party like it’s 1999 this Friday with DJ Felix Felicis and the Crater Crew! 


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