Sudbury Music Spotlight: Dominica Frometa

Sudbury Music Spotlight: Dominica Frometa

You may remember Dominica Frometa and her amazing voice from out #GirlPower event this spring! But, you have got to check out her story about her first big high school performance at age 15 and where her singing career has taken her (including to a stadium of 16,000 people)! Read our interview with Dominica below.

When did you discover your passion for singing? Do you have someone or something that has been your biggest musical influence?

 I have always had a love for singing and performing in my heart – that is for sure! But my passion was ignited at the age of 15, which was when I learned how precious each day that we have is. I just received my timetable for Grade 10. I wasn’t much of an artist on paper or canvas, so I decided to save my art credits for something I believed that I would enjoy, Drama.

Mr. MacGregor – what a character and gift to the world. Little did I know, he would become the most influential teachers of my life. Word got out that I could sing to my classmates and to my teacher. He immediately recognized talent in me. He spent each lunch preparing my best friend Julia and I for the upcoming Variety Show, a performance in front of the entire student body. But suddenly, Mr. MacGregor became very ill with Lung Cancer, forced to stay in a hospital bed. We didn’t think that we would see him again.

The Variety Show was here. Julia and I felt prepared, excited and nervous all at the same time. But we knew that keeping Mr. MacGregor in our hearts and in our music would make it that much more special. My first standing ovation, shared with my best friend and Mr. MacGregor, in spirit. After making our way through the crowd, we could not believe who was there… He made it! Despite being deathly ill, Mr. MacGregor was there to support us. Because he believed that his students mattered, he made all of the difference.

Mr. Macgregor passed away that summer. But each time I perform, there is a part of him in my voice.

Do you have a favourite memory or performance that stands out to you?

After doing some recordings in Cuba, a singer who I was working with invited me to perform for a concert at Don Antonio’s, a classic Cuban restaurant/bar. But it wasn’t just any concert, it was the concert of Vania Borges, a famous songstress. Open roof, the night’s stars and moon as our light, warm and beautiful people, dressed in a rainbow of colours, their faces glistening from beads of sweat as they passionately danced to the music. A picture forever painted in my mind. I felt so alive in that moment. Saturated in a culture, where the people were dancing as I sang, was incredible.

We know that you made it to the final round of the Walmart’s Associate Talent Search in 2015 and were the only Canadian to be selected! Can you tell us about this experience? What was it like to perform in front of such a large crowd (and celebrities!)?

To be recognized as the only Canadian in the Talent Search and win on a Global level is something people dream of. I was one of those dreamers, who fortunately lived the dream. It was more than anything I could have imagined at that time. I never thought that I would touch down in the state of Arkansas – but I did. It was a life changing week. I had never spent so much time focused and driven by music. My happiness was at the ultimate high, because I was using the gift that God gave me. I met people from all over the world; India, Japan, South Africa, China, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, United States and Brazil to name a few.

My favourite part was the sold-out performance in the Bud Walton Arena. The adrenaline and excitement that came with performing in front of over 16,000 people… There are no exact words to describe the feeling that it gave me, but it left a burning desire for more, a hunger in my soul. The production behind the performance was impeccable; choreographers, assistants, stage crew and the media team. I have such an appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into a show. I performed on the very same stage as Ricky Martin (one of my favourites), Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight and Rod Stewart… and Reese Witherspoon also joined us on stage. Seems surreal, I know.

The Southern hospitality served with warm smiles, glasses of sweet tea and Chick-fil-a will always be the first of the big times in my journey of singing. Always.

What are your thoughts on Sudbury’s music scene? Do you have a favourite local group and/or singer, or a preferred spot to catch live shows?

Sudbury is a city that embraces art – that is for certain. It would be great to have more opportunities to network within the Sudbury community so that the art form of music can grow. The sounds that are in Sudbury are so diverse. I hope to someday witness and be part of a mosaic of the musical culture flourishing within our city.

Do you hope to pursue singing as a career in the future?

100 %. I have so much confidence in my faith and I know that God has given me this gift to share with the world. I am so happy to say that I have now graduated from Laurentian University with two degrees and it is important to have your education, without a doubt. Because I have completed my post-secondary studies, I am ready to pursue singing. I am ready to invest my time and self into my talent, which is very exciting! I have no idea what plans God has for me, but I trust Him. I am going to dream hard and work even harder.

Can we catch you performing at any venues or events this summer?

There is nothing set in stone just yet, but my availability is open. If YOU are looking for a singer for an event, please contact me!

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