Top 5 Local Trails You Need to Check Out This Winter

Top 5 Local Trails You Need to Check Out This Winter

Hillfield Trail  

I instantly fell in love with the Hillfield Trail in Lively last winter when I joined some of my friends to go snowshoeing. This trail is my absolute favourite and I was almost hesitant to share it with all of you in case it becomes over populated! But they say happiness is only real when shared…  

If you’re looking to go on a scenic walk, this would be your trail. The hilly terrain will take you through the forest, up and down stairs and over many bridges. It’s only about 2km in length and will lead you to Fielding Memorial Park.  

You can access this trail at 1 Mikkola Road.

Laurentian Conservation Area Trails  

If you’re a Laurentian student there’s no reason for you not to check out these trails. When you arrive at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area be sure to check the map so you know which marks to follow on the trails since there’s about 13 trails within the conservation area. If you decide to embark on the Lake Laurentian Loop (10km) ensure you’re properly prepared as it will take you a few hours to complete. The Loop is a great trail if you’re looking for some exercise and picturesque views. The terrain will take you over a few bridges, up and down hills and on snowy paths, it’ll also provide you with views of Perch Lake, Timber Bay and Lake Laurentian. Make sure to stop at the lookouts to take it all in.  

You can access this trail at 2309 South Bay Rd. 

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A.Y. Jackson Lookout 

If you don’t care what TLC says and you want to chase some waterfalls, this one is for you. This is a pretty popular place but to be honest, I hadn’t been in year until last weekend! This trail offers a breathtaking view of the Onaping River and High Falls and is about 2km in length. It can be difficult in some areas and slippery on the icy stairs so watch your step. Keep in mind it can be hard to decipher where the land meets the falls since a lot of it froze over and is covered in snow… I would avoid going too close to the falls and enjoy the view from further away.   

 You can access trail via Highway 144.

Bridal Veil Falls 

Although the city has tons of great places to explore, it’s great to escape for a day or two to Manitoulin Island. The falls are stunning in the summer but even cooler in the winter. With a combination of running water and frozen waterfalls it’s a winter wonderland. There are trails on both sides of the river and it’s about 6km in length.  

This trail is located on Hwy 540 at the entrance to Kagawong.  

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Kivi Park  

Kivi Park is Sudbury’s newest, biggest and most popular playground. This park was a gift from the incredibly generous Lily Fielding and is set on 300 acres of land and is home to many fields, lakes and trails. The park is continuously expanding and ran by many volunteers. I definitely recommend grabbing your snowshoes and visiting the park! 

P.S. Don’t forget to visit the “Wishing Tree” on the 3km dark green trail.  

Kivi Park can be accessed at 4472 Long Lake Road.  


This seems pretty obvious, but don’t forget to keep an eye on trail markers to ensure you’re sticking to the right one. It’s easy to get distracted when chatting with your friends or checking out the views. Make sure you check the map before you set foot on the trails so you know which one to keep an eye on.  

The trails can be pretty icy in the winter so be extra cautious!   

Don’t forget to pack: waterproof footwear, warm clothing, water, snacks, camera, and a charged cell phone.  

Pro tip: It’s way more fun when you stay for a picnic, grab a backpack, hot chocolate and marshmallows (don’t forget the baileys!) and some snacks. You could even bring some chili in a thermos to warm you up!  


Katelyn is the Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce. She was born and raised in Sudbury and graduated from both Cambrian College and Laurentian University. Katelyn is a sports enthusiast and is passionate about the outdoors, she can usually be found hiking, kayaking or behind the lens of her camera.

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  1. Walked the Kivi park today for the first time (3km.), awesome. The trails were clearly marked. Liked the cross country trails, skating and classic. A little coffee shop at the finish line would be nice. Also a city bus service to the park would be appreciated by many I am sure. Nice to see all the work being done there.

    • Another great trail cross country is in Capreol come out and try it !there is a concession rentals and day passes . Run by volunteers

    • I have been using the park since the beginning and everytime I use the facilities see more and more improvements.The cafe is open at the rink and Sudbury Transet can drop you off and pick you up.Call the downtown bus station for schedules and times.

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