Top 5 most Instagrammable food in Sudbury

Top 5 most Instagrammable food in Sudbury

These top 5 articles have quickly become some of my favourites to put together because I’m pretty obsessed with searching through Instagram and seeing all of your great photos of local places, people and things (and food). We all love to eat and most of us love to Instagram our food so today we are sharing our top 5 picks for the most Instagrammable food in Sudbury.

Flurples birthday cake sundae

I know ice cream isn’t ‘in season’ but we are wishing for warmer weather so we’re starting our list off with Flurples birthday cake sundae. Because it’s so tasty and it looks pretty too.

Tucos Taco Lounge nachos

… and everything else on the menu. But the nachos take first place. Conveniently located across from Flurples so you could get two in one shot.

Deluxe Hamburgers

Sudbury is definitely a one arch town and Deluxe is the perfect spot for an Instagram shot of a delicious burger (or chicken on a bun) with a chocolate shake.

Stack Brewing beer cans

Every single one of these beer cans deserve to be shared on Instagram. We especially love the idea of taking your beer (and a camera) on a hike and enjoying your beer with a view.

The Townehouse Tavern burgers

These mouth-watering burgers are a must eat if you’re in Sudbury and they look great too. Not a meat eater? No problem – they have vegetarian options and they are just as delicious.


Did we miss your favourite Instagramable foods in Sudbury? Let us know where we should head next.




Emily Franceschini is a craft addict, Public Relations graduate and lover of all things purple. Her free time is spent taking photos of her dog and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She’s a regular at Old Rock because who could resist their delicious Creme Brûlée latte? And yes – it is probably her 4th coffee of the day.

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