Top 5 Places to go on a First Date In Sudbury

Top 5 Places to go on a First Date In Sudbury

I have never been a fan of taking girls to the movies or a club for a first date. At the movies you just sit there and stare at a screen and debate weather or not you should grab her hand. At a Club you can’t hear anything… You need to scream to even have a slight conversation. You may not think the same as I do but I like to be able to talk to her and get to know her in a comfortable atmosphere. So if you have a first date or a second or a third date and you want take them somewhere you can actually talk and get know them, and maybe even impress them a little, I’ve got a list for you! This is 5 of the best first date spots in Sudbury. Tried and Tested! I’m not saying I go on a lot of dates or anything… but when I do, these are my GO TO…

#5 Hardrock 42 Gastropub /Taphouse Northern Grill + Pub

First we have the Hardrock  42 Gastropub located in the lobby of the new Clarion Hotel Downtown. Hard Rock has a unique atmosphere that lightens the mood and makes you feel comfortable. As I would say “It’s Chillen”. The absolute best thing about Hard Rock, if you are a beer connoisseur, or not, is that they have a huge beer selection. Unless you’re planning on seeing blurry by the end of night…which probably won’t help your date situation… trying many different brands of beers could be difficult. Since Hard rock is known for their selection of craft beer, they offer what I call beer “canoe’s”. Each canoe has 4 small glasses with your choice of 4 different beers. This give you the opportunity to taste a variety of different craft beers, and even share them with your date.. now that’s romantic! Pair that with unique and delicious meals you have yourself a fun date with plenty of conversation topics!

Taphouse is another unique experience Pub located in the building that used to have the 1500 pub right next to the Cardinal Motor Inn. They also, like Hardrock carry various craft beers, including Stack, brewed right here in Sudbury. For the Girls…and guys that like wine they actually have Wine on Tap… I guess being the “Tap House” that would make sense. If you check their website you could get lucky and be just in time for certain events they host. For example, earlier this month they had “craft beer week”. Their unique dinning experience is sure to impress your date! All that being said, you can’t forget about FIREDUP pizza’s that are located right at the front of the Taphouse. They make wood fire pizza’s that are some of the best in the city! As you can see it is a great place to go on a first date. They did a great job differentiating themselves from other restaurants! Your date will surely remember her first date. As long as you don’t screw it up… which you won’t so all is good!

#4 Onaping Falls

I’m big on spending time outside. Going on adventures and discovering new areas of Sudbury. Onaping is one of those places that amazes you every time. It is only about a 45minute drive out of Sudbury, but it is totally worth it. Ive written about it before in my past blog, but it is also worthy of being amongst the top 5 places to go on a first date. This is the perfect place to prove that you are not a boring person! It’s an outdoor activity with beautiful views. I’m telling you…they will be impressed. It starts by crossing a big bridge over a huge rapid with a lot of rushing water. Beautiful flat rocks surround the water fall that are perfect to have a picnic on or soak your feet. Just please DON’T fall in…Across the bridge is the start of a 2 hour hike to burn off your picnic lunch! You should plan for a half day at least here… So if you really aren’t sure about your date then maybe choose something different … Maybe a little bit less long and easier escape.

#3 Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Similar to Onaping falls, at number 4, the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is also a great outdoor area to bring your date. They have beautiful, quiet trails that are perfect to soak up the sun and have a quality conversation. There are also a few areas where you can jump in the lake go for a swim. Also don’t forget to bring your dog! If you or your date have a dog then they NEED to join you, not only because they love walks but dogs are great to have around to fill awkward silent pauses when you run out of things to say. You can also let them off the leash to run free and enjoy the trail while their owners put in work. I also have one tip – be careful not to get lost! Look at the maps carefully. I would hate to see someone get lost with a date that’s not going so well. 

#2 Salute/Old Rock

EVERYONE likes coffee and if you don’t…That’s impossible. So I added in my opinion two of the best Café’s in Sudbury! Salute and Old Rock Café. Unless you’re bringing a “typical white girl” that only drinks Starbucks, they will guaranteed to like these specialty coffee shops.

Salute opened recently in the South End and has been a hit since. They have a unique, retro building. Quality coffee and espresso machines help make you the perfect unique drink of your choice. There are almost to many options to choose from! If you decide to have a light meal, they offer a few breakfast/lunch options along with delicious soups. The indoor eating/drinking area is most often quiet with a relaxing and soothing feel to it. They even have a few couches by a fireplace. During the summer they have a patio in the back where you can enjoy the sun, just make sure you bring sunglasses! Inside and out are great areas to sit and chat with your date.

Old Rock, has some of the best tasting coffee in Sudbury. I’ve known the owners for several years now and they are awesome, extremely nice people dedicated to their business. They are a local coffee shop that actually roasts their own coffee beans in house!! How can you not support! They actually have a secret roasting method that they don’t share with anyone…Who would share it if it’s working that great! There’s a talking point for your date at Old Rock Café right there! You are welcome. Walking in through the front door you automatically feel welcomed and want to sit down and just appreciate your delicious coffee! The small coffee shop is located downtown across from the Sudbury arena. On a nice hot summer the two big front windows open all the way to let it a cool breeze of fresh air. They have couches with pillows, comfortable chairs with small coffee tables to sit at. You will love it I guarantee.

#1 Bell Park Board Walk

If you don’t want to do anything to drastic on your first date, the best and easiest place to go on a date is the Board Walk. I got a friend, I wont mention his name, that uses the board walk as his first date spot EVERY SINGLE TIME. Its one of Sudbury’s highlights and is very convenient. The boardwalk at roughly 45 minutes there back is long enough that you get to know your date, but it’s short enough that you wont run out of things to say and have awkward silences. There are a few beaches, gazebos and beaches along the way that can help you extend the date if it’s really going well.

Well, there you have it! All I can give you is the places to go on a first date, but I can’t tell you what to say or how to act so that’s all on you from here. Now I wish you all the best and good luck ;). Also make sure you’re not being to clingy…no one likes to clingy. If you have any questions or comments post below!


Tristan Ritchie is a young entrepreneur is Sudbury. He loves Business, Investing and Real Estate. In his spare time he loves to explore Sudbury looking for the newest and most exciting adventure!

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