Top 5 Study Spots at Laurentian University

Top 5 Study Spots at Laurentian University

A new year, a new semester! It’s time to dust off all that leftover holiday glitter, switch champagne for coffee, and break out the books. Maybe last semester didn’t go that great for you, or luckily, maybe it did-either way, it’s important to buckle down and finish off this school year stronger than ever!

Wondering how?

Easy. Stay on top on your course load and study, study, study.

Maybe studying has never really been your thing (we don’t blame you!), but it’s never too late to take it up. Gather your books, laptop, and the XL coffee and head on over to any of the five top study spots that we’ve found at our very own Laurentian University to help get you in the zone and tackle this semester like a boss!

Brenda Wallace Reading Room

Looking for the most quiet and peaceful spot on campus? The third floor of the library is the Brenda Wallace reading room, and trust us, you won’t find a more peaceful location than this! With a sign on the door that literally tells you that you MUST be quiet, a bunch of comfy couches to lounge on, and a view that is pretty spectacular, it’s the perfect place to get in that much-needed study time.

someone was snoring on the couch behind me when I took this picture #BrendaWallace

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Pride@ LU

Located in the student centre, Pride@ LU is an organization for the university’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students and faculty- it’s aim is to raise awareness and visibility and provide role modeling for students. Just from reading that, you know the vibes in this place are bound to be great! For many students, this is the place to be to cram in a study session as it has those comfy couches that we all know and love, excellent energy, and all around great people to chitchat with.

Laurentian Library

Nothing wrong with a good old classic, right? Laurentian’s library is always packed with students working, studying, or reading and is bound to get you in the mood for some of that too! If you’re easily distracted, sensitive to your environment space, or need a little extra help with your studies, this is where you need to be. Surrounding yourself with people who are throwing off those much-needed study vibes is always helpful to get you in the zone, and if you need a little extra help, there’s sure to be someone around to lend some of their knowledge.

Welcome to my life📖

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This location may not be ideal for those who need a quiet workspace, but for students who thrive on the buzz from others, this is your jam! Laurentians very own Starbucks is surrounded by a grand spiral staircase, a statue of the beloved Mahatma Ghandi, tables to work at, and comfy couches and chairs that you’ll swear are calling your name. This little study zone provides student with a positive atmosphere and some good study vibes, and smelling some of the best coffee around doesn’t hurt either to help get students in the mood for a good study session!

My LU Destination

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Laurentian Courtyard

It’s no secret that Laurentian has one of the most beautiful campuses in all of Ontario, so why not take advantage of if! On a day that won’t make you feel like Jack in the final scene of the Shinning, head outside and take up a bench or table (they’re everywhere!) and enjoy that fresh air that you’ve been missing. Studying outdoors has been proven to decrease stress and even improve concentration, so if you’re tired of the stuffy old library scene, why not give this option a try!




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