Gilmore Girls Marathon

Have you been guzzling down more than six cups of coffee a day, rambling incoherently about classic movie moments, or gorging yourself on decadent or comfort food lately? If so, it’s probably your body preparing itself to nest for the return of Gilmore Girls (A Year in the Life) on Netflix available to stream starting November 25th. Before you begin to gather your pillows and tissue boxes, I’m going to prep you on top places to order takeout for the big day – because really, you can’t Gilmore it up without a good takeout selection!

Salute Coffee Company/Beards Coffee Bar & Bakery

We had to include two here because all good Gilmore Girls fans love coffee with their oxygen. Depending on where you live coffee shops can be a difficult choice (especially when you’re a picky caffeine junky like I am) and you certainly can’t channel your inner Lorelei without at least two cups. Brew local – find that cute homegrown coffee shop closest to you. You might even get lucky and find your own neighbourhood Luke. Be sure to order the largest size or order more than one for the emotional journey that is to come.

Di Gusto

A fresh stone fired pizza from this South End hot spot will set the mood just right and make your binge watching experience even more delicious. The bubbling cheese, fresh toppings and delicious crust – Lorelei will be looking down at you from the heavens with a smile while Emily gives you the shadiest side eye you’ve ever seen as you gobble the whole pie in one sitting. As you will remember, like any good daughter would, Rory gifted Lorelei an attempt at the world’s largest pepperoni pizza for her birthday. We’re not saying Di Gusto will help you make a 12 food pizza but….it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Of course this brings up the age old Nickel City debate about where to get the best ‘za, but I don’t think we’ll be resolving that one any time soon. Just don’t be the loser that brings a salad. I’m looking at you Dean.

The Candy Shop

If you’re more of a sweet tooth get yourself downtown to stock up on all sorts of snacks! Of course everyone remembers the time Lorelie surprised Rory by recreating Asia in their living room. This place has everything you need to make your own Butterfinger, Junior Mint, Jujube roll or Oreo sashimi with Red Hot wasabi! If you’re feeling even more daring you could even come up with a few of your own combinations before passing out on the couch in a sugar coma. Don’t worry, it’ll pass.

Orient Restaurant

Chinese take out is a staple in the Gilmore household, its time to become one with your inner Gilmore and go all out! Is this order for one, two….twelve?! Who knows! If being raised by Lorelie Gilmore has taught us anything its that the human stomach knows no bounds. Whenever we think of Chinese food and Sudbury at the same time, the Orient Restaurant always comes to mind. The selection is incredible because these folks know you need a good selection for a solid Netflix binge and if you’re feeling a little skint your money will go far on this order.

… and if you have to pain your way through a family dinner before getting to your Netflix nest, stop by your local LCBO and treat yourself! My prediction is that this short return of the Gilmore Girls will make all of our heart skip a beat in an emotional rollercoaster so we need all the help, comfort food, and libations that we can find for the best experience possible.

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Daniel Melchior’s body no longer pumps blood but pure espresso. Your go-to guy for anything Laurentian, you can always find him on campus, coffee cup in hand. He’s packed his schedule with so much some say he cloned himself to do it all – we think so too.


  1. The fact that there is no pie on this list is disturbingly me (I am classifying pop tarts under pie).

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