Trendsetter Thursday: Back to School Essentials

Trendsetter Thursday: Back to School Essentials

It’s back to school season, and I’ve tried to round up a few of my favourite school essentials! I started with my go-to look, stripes and a pair of classic Gap jeans, and added a few items that I can’t get through the school year without!

A jacket or coat that can get you through the Autumn months

I love when I can layer sweaters and scarves under a jacket for extra warmth. This one allows me to do just that! The utility style works with every outfit, and I opted for a tan colour instead of my go to- black.

You can pick this one up in multiple colours and styles at Forever 21.

Fancy specs, for those extremely dense textbooks and tiny lecture notes

I love checking out new glasses trends, but lately I have been wearing my Ray Ban Clubmasters everywhere (not just for style…sight is important too).

A cool new trend to try could also be clear frames, like these from Warby Parker.


A Watch- so you can always be on time for class (and pub night)!

I always have a watch on my person, but lately I have really been into the new Pebble smart watch. Not only does it count my steps and check the weather, but I can read emails, answer texts, set alarms, and control music being played on my phone!

A book bag that wont snap under pressure

Between laptops, textbooks, and snacks, backpacks can get heavy. Find something with durable straps that can withstand the pressure! I found this bag at Spring, but shops like Aldo, Little Burgundy, and even Sport Check will have exactly what you need.


Sturdy boots and warm socks

We all know that northern Ontario has some pretty nasty weather, so I always stock up on bulky warm socks and boots! These socks are the classic Canadiana style (made popular by Roots), but believe it or not I found them at Giant Tiger!

The Chelsea-style boots are actually from Target (RIP). I chose them because they also double as rain boots. Here’s a really great roundup of other boots in this style!

Let us know what your back to school must-haves are! Until next time, friends!


Adriana Nicolucci is a Communications and Film Production graduate, fashion enthusiast, and patterned sock collector. She’s often spotted munching on the Eenie Meenie Grilled Zucchini Pizza at the Buddha. Danny Ocean is her spirit animal, except she’s planning a heist to steal your hearts (not a casino)

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