Varsity Athlete Profile: Charlie Millen LU Men’s Hockey

Varsity Athlete Profile: Charlie Millen LU Men’s Hockey


Height:  6 ft

Weight:   185 lbs

Number: #29

Position:  Goalie

Favourite Store in Sudbury: Reg Wilkinson Mens Fine Clothing

Favourite Restaurant in Sudbury: Bella Vita Cucina

Social Media: @charlie.millen


Photo provided.

Charlie Millen, a fourth year Human Kinetics student, and Laurentian Voyageur’s resident net minder sat down with us to discuss the season thus far and helped us get to know the man behind the mask, (goalie mask that is). Laurentian is currently early in the regular season sitting at 4-6, having recently experienced a bit of a winning streak prior to recent upsets to Concordia and McGill, and the Voyageurs currently sit at 7th in the Eastern Conference.

Here’s the interview!

Relatively early in the regular season, what is the team morale?

I think we are a hardworking group of guys, I feel like that is our identity as a team. If we continue to work hard and give 110% every game we have a chance to win. We may not be the most skilled team in the league, but we do work hard, and hard work pays off.

Winning consecutive games in not easy, how do you and the team make that happen?

We are definitely a confident bunch, the results of the season this far have helped. It was nice to have those three games to get us on the right page. But we need to show up to practice and put in the work, get the little things right.

What are the expectations for you and the team this year?

You have to believe the expectations are very high. It’s our fourth year in the league, and that means there’s no surprises for us anymore. We know what’s ahead of us, we know the game plan, and everyone needs to buy in.

What are your personal goals? And how do you represent the Voyageurs?

Our Coach Craig has always said how important it is to have good character on and off the ice. That’s something we all have. With regards to academics, it’s important to keep the balance with assignments, exams, all of that. Especially since I’m getting ready to graduate this year, looking forward to having that degree. 

As a Voyageur, I want to make sure that looking back on my last year that I don’t have any regrets. Between working, studying and practice as well as getting in the gym as often as possible, it’s about being prepared for any obstacle that comes my way.”

My goal is to play in the NHL, and it’s not a dream I’ve shut out yet. But I’m focusing on this season and doing anything I can to help the team win. If there are opportunities at the end of the season then great, but if not then that’s why we work on academics.


Anthony is a Laurentian and Cambrian Alumni who is a lifelong fan of athletics, spicy foods, and romcoms. Loves his 2 for 1 wings at the Doghouse. He’s here to keep you in the know about our local varsity sports scene!

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