Our Crater X Cambrian College Public Relations: Michelle TenHave

Our Crater X Cambrian College Public Relations: Michelle TenHave

Many of the Our Crater team members have a background in Public Relations and Communications, so we set out to interview some of our fellow PR graduates from Sudbury who have already launched their professional careers! Read on to find out their stories and what advice they have for incoming students and recent graduates.  Today’s Public Relations graduate is: Michelle TenHave, owner of Northern Ontario PR.

Do you have a favourite memory from Cambrian College? 

My favourite memory from Cambrian College would have to be when I was in my 2nd year of the program. We had to plan and execute an event and give the profits to a local charity. There were a total of 5 girls in my group (including myself) and we were so eager to have the best event and raise the most. We worked very hard as a team and we did end up raising the most and working as a team sometimes is a challenge but we ended up doing really well together and that’s what made our event so unique and successful. I always think back to that memory and am still so proud of what we accomplished. 

What inspired you to choose Public Relations at Cambrian College/why should others consider this program?

I chose the Public Relations program at Cambrian College because of the opportunities that I noticed I could receive if I worked hard. I moved Sudbury 6 years ago and didn’t know anyone. The college was very welcoming and teachers were very approachable, so that helped me step outside my comfort zone. I believe if you are looking for a career that’s different, trendy and non-traditional then its for you.  The hands on learning you receive helps you dial-in on where you want to take it. 

What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

One of the most memorable moments of my career is when I get referrals from community members, former colleagues, former professors or previous clients. All of the work I’ve had the opportunity of gaining has all been referral based and I’m extremely proud of that achievement every time. 

…that and meeting Gary Vaynerchuk earlier this month! 


What is something you hope to achieve in your career?

In the very near future, I will open up my own office with a few staff to help with the expansion of my presence across Northern Ontario. 

Advice for new PR grads or students who are just entering the program?

Networking is important, start introducing yourself to people in the community, volunteer at organizations that interest you and extend your learning outside of the classroom. Gain as much experience as you can, there is so much opportunity for pr professionals so make your mark now so people will remember who you are. 


Emily Franceschini is a craft addict, Public Relations graduate and lover of all things purple. Her free time is spent taking photos of her dog and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She’s a regular at Old Rock because who could resist their delicious Creme Brûlée latte? And yes – it is probably her 4th coffee of the day.

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