May 27th, the crew at La nuit sur l’etang were back at College Boreal with the 24th annual La Brunante. Three groups took to the stage in a competition for young Franco-Ontarian artists.

Cinq à Sept, made up of students from É.S.C. l’Horizon kicked things off and played in front of a crowd filled with Valley East residents as well as l’Horizon students and teachers. They received a standing ovation after their third song. Les Bergers were next up, fronted by lead singer Josée. These 8 students from É. S. C. L’Escale had great chemistry, getting into some hard rock. Joëlle Villeneuve (É.S Macdonald-Cartier) was last to hit the stage. She brought her piano, which paired perfectly with her vocals. The crowd was more energized than ever after her three songs.

The 3 judges faced a difficult decision after these great performances. Once the dust settled, Joëlle Villeneuve was crowned the winner of La Brunante 2017. After their fantastic performances, Cinq à Sept and Les Bergers were invited back to play at La Brunante 2018, which will mark the 25th anniversary. Josée and Sébastien (Les Bergers) and Joëlle will be representing Ontario at Les jeux de la francophonie Canadienne in Moncton in July.

*Photos provided by Leo Duquette of Media Concepts Inc.


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