Sudbury Music Spotlight: DJ Forest

Sudbury Music Spotlight: DJ Forest

We couldn’t have been more excited to have DJ Forest back for Y2Crater! He was behind the soundtrack for our Launch Party last summer, and this time around he and DJ Felix Felicis were at it again for our 90s dance party! Check our Q&A with him below.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a DJ?

I remember going to a festival for the first time and falling in love with every aspect of it. Also realized at some point that I like being in control of the music, especially in the car.

What is your most memorable experience or favourite venue that you’ve played?

My favourite experience as a DJ in town would probably have to be playing before Mark Oliver at the Grand. He is one of the nicest Djs I’ve met and he’s played with some of the biggest names around, so listening to his story was awesome.

Do you have any musicians or DJs that inspired you to launch your music career?

My taste and style has changed quite a bit over time but Deadmau5 was one of the main reasons why I started DJing and he still makes good music to this day.

If you could work with any famous DJ or musician, who would it be?

Flume. In my eyes he’s one of the most unique and talented producers in the game right now and he never disappoints. He is a direct inspiration to the music I enjoy and make.

Do you have a favourite song that you’ve recorded?

My favourite would have to be the one I’m finishing up currently. I also just did a remix of Chameleon by Pnau, which was fun to make.

Where can we listen to more of your tracks, and how can we stay in touch?

My Soundcloud is the home for most of my mixes and productions, and
Facebook is where I post events and everything else going on.


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