Taco Sol Spicing Up Downtown With Authentic Mexican Food

Taco Sol Spicing Up Downtown With Authentic Mexican Food

If you’ve been looking for a new spot to change up your lunch break routine in the downtown core, or just to try something new Taco Sol is here for you serving up authentic Mexican fare on Cedar St. This new family-owned restaurant boasts a delicious variety of tacos, burritos and other regional dishes in a colourful, casual location. The best part is they’re even open 12am-3am Fridays & Saturdays to add some heat to your late night nosh. We spoke with the Taco Sol staff and got all the details on the newest edition to our downtown food scene.


Tell us about Taco Sol?
Taco Sol is a new restaurant located in Downtown Sudbury that serves delicious, all made in house and 100% authentic Mexican food. At Taco Sol you can find some of the most traditional Mexican dishes, as well as spicy, non-spicy, gluten-free and vegetarian options! Although all the food is made in house and from scratch, it’s served in a fast food style in order to offer more personal and quick service for everybody. You can have your food on the go or at the restaurant while enjoying the very happy, friendly and Mexican experience the place offers.

How has the response been so far?
The response has been great! From the feedback we have received, people really enjoy the authentic and different flavours we offer. The positive response towards the food makes us really happy, not only business wise, but seeing people enjoy the real Mexican food that we love and are used to eating on a daily basis makes us specially happy! People really like the food but also the place, the music and the friendly service; they enjoy the Mexican experience all together. They enjoy this little piece of Mexico in Sudbury.


Taco Sol serves authentic Mexican food, just how authentic are we talking?

The restaurant is localy owned 100%, it’s my family and I that took on this project. The dishes we serve are real traditional Mexican recipes. Many of these dishes are such that people eat on a regular day, such as the different casserole options we have for the tacos, and others are dishes people cook in Mexico for special occasions, like the tamales. Although these are all typical dishes, we do use our family’s recipes of these dishes.

What made your family want to share this with Sudbury?
When I meet people and they know I’m from Mexico, they often tell me how much they enjoy Mexican food and that is also one of the things we miss the most from living there. So we try to cook it at home in occasions, and when we do all of our friends love it! We’ve lived in Sudbury for 9 years and we previously owed a chain restaurant, but we always wanted on of our own. We love to share it with our friends, so why not share it with the rest of Sudbury! So from our experience in the food industry, we decided that a Mexican restaurant had to be the next project.


Where can we find more information about Taco Sol?
You can find more information about Taco Sol and our menu at www.tacosolsudbury.com
We are also on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter (@tacosolsudbury), Instagram (@tacosol) and Snapchat (tacosol).


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