This year marks a milestone in Canadian history (as if you didn’t already know)! With all this celebrating going on we can’t help but to think of how lucky we are to live in a country as beautiful as ours! Our population is made of a veritable mixing bowl of cultures spread across a country with a countless number of breathtaking views! Nestled in amongst all this is our little city of Sudbury, home of the Big Nickel and the happiest citizens in the country. Summer time has officially arrived and with so much to do we knew you’d need a little guidance. Fear not, to make sure you make the most of your Sudbury summer we’ve assembled a list of 150 bucket list items for ultimate fun! Try your best to make it through and use the hashtag #ourcrater to show us what you’re up to!


  1. Celebrate diversity and show your support at Fierte Sudbury Pride
  2. Skinny dip in one of our 330 lakes
  3. Take a walk on the boardwalk
  4. Road trip to Manitoulin and visit Bridal Veil Falls
  5. Road trip to Killarney for fish & chips
  6. Spend a day basking in the sunshine at Bell Park
  7. Enjoy a hike at Kivi Park
  8. Spend a night with Movie Night Under the Stars
  9. Fall in love with a performer you’ve never heard of before at Northern Lights Festival Boréal
  10. Stuff your face at Downtown Sudbury Rib Fest
  11. Spend a Saturday or Sunday yard saleing in different neighbourhoods
  12. Hit up the Greater Sudbury Market for your weekly grocery run
  13. Take advantage of at least 3 of our beautiful street side patios:
    • _______________________________
    • _______________________________
    • _______________________________
  14. Spend a weekend with your best pals at camp
  15. Get into the sauna vs. saw-nah debate with a Finlander
  16. Grab a poutine at at least 3 of our many delicious summer chip stands:
    • _______________________________
    • _______________________________
    • _______________________________
  17. Head to Manitoulin and hike the Cup & Saucer trail
  18. While you’re at it enjoy an ice cream cone as you watch the bridge swing on the hour
  19. Take an evening dip after a long hot day at Nepahewin Beach
  20. Spend an afternoon playing camp games like Texas Horseshoes with family and friends
  21. Catch a Sudbury sunset from the Doghouse’s rooftop patio
  22. Keep the party going at the Townehouse as they host afterhours shows for Northern Lights Festival Boréal and Up Here
  23. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere for a night at Up Here’s downtown playground
  24. Make sangria for a day tanning on the camp dock (but don’t forget the sunscreen)
  25. Pull an incredible all-nighter with friends and watch the sun come up over one of our many lakes
  26. Volunteer your time at one of our many summer festivals
  27. Get family and friends together for a backyard BBQ or fish fry
  28. Help at least one friend sand and paint their deck
  29. Get at least one bad burn and shame yourself for underestimating the sun
  30. Get your fill of festival eats every chance you get
  31. Treat yourself to a deep fried mars bar or tornado potato
  32. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a backyard campfire
  33. Catch the Canada day fireworks at Bell Park
  34. Head out on the boat for a day on the lake
  35. Grab a drink with an old friend on the Laughing Buddha patio
  36. Try to make your way through every Stack Brew available
  37. Take a seat for a YES Theatre summer production
  38. Take a drive to Onaping Falls
  39. Go blueberry picking and make yourself some homemade treats
  40. Browse for new treasures at festival vendors
  41. Make at least one attempt at an ill-advised DIY project
  42. Grab and ice cream cone or popsicle to cool off at your local convenience store
  43. Take your furry friend (or borrow one) for a nice sunny trail walk
  44. Learn something new at Anderson Farm in Lively
  45. Get musical with a fireside sing along to some old favourites
  46. Get the biggest bubble wand you can find and have a blast playing with bubbles
  47. Take in the latest exhibit at the Art Gallery of Sudbury
  48. Take a walk and try to find all of Up Here’s hidden murals
  49. BBQ every chance you get
  50. Go all out in an epic water balloon battle
  51. Give your wheels a little TLC with a good wash in the driveway
  52. Take a ride down the lazy river with Chillin’ and Tubing
  53. Celebrate at a summer wedding
  54. Hit the course for a round of golf
  55. Come up with some creative ways to stay cool in the heat
  56. Treat yourself to a roadside treat if you’re lucky enough to run into an ice cream truck
  57. Visit Sturgeon Falls for a chip stand binge
  58. Enjoy a Caesar with brunch
  59. Take a walk and literally smell the flowers
  60. Test out your photography skills, the Sudbury sunshine makes for great lighting!
  61. Check out Dynamic Earth’s new Outdoor Science Park with a tiny friend
  62. Pack a lunch for a picnic in the park
  63. Test your skills at Sudbury Kartways
  64. Take a backroad drive with the windows down and enjoy the scenery
  65. Celebrate in style with an backyard bash
  66. Hit up Stitch & Stone for some new summer threads
  67. Play tourist and spend an afternoon learning at Science North
  68. Show off your vocal skills with karaoke at Trevi’s or Little Montreal
  69. Give your green thumb a try with a veggie garden – nothing tastes better than a homegrown salad
  70. Spend a rainy day marathoning your favourite series
  71. Splurge on a new pair of sunnies!
  72. Get green and bike yourself around town
  73. Visit your local Greater Sudbury Public Library branch for a good read
  74. Sample a few of SRO’s blended summer cocktails
  75. Peppi-Panini tastes best after midnight – give it a try!
  76. Bring out your wild side at one of Sudbury Burlesque’s Showgirl Series workshops
  77. Show some hometown pride at Capreol Days
  78. Invest in a new novelty float for the summer season
  79. May as well splurge on some new beach duds while you’re at it
  80. Participate in one of Sew Local’s workshops and learn a new skill
  81. Catch an outdoor patio performance at Tony V’s
  82. Rent a kayake/canoe for an afternoon at Sudbury Canoe Club
  83. Grab wings and a beer at the Doghouse
  84. Show off the Big Nickel to your out of town guests
  85. Enjoy some literature by a First Nations or Canadian author
  86. Make your way through Old Rock’s iced Frappuccino menu
  87. Grab your reel and rod and go fishing
  88. Give paddle board yoga a shot with SUP Yoga
  89. Enjoy a Sunday evening at Bell Park and check out the Peter Schneider Concert Series
  90. Grab a group of friends and try out Laurentian University Outdoor Centre and Challenge Course
  91. Day trip to Killarney and hike the crack or another trail
  92. Get your gear from Killarney Outfitters and head to Phillip Edward Island and camp on one of the private islands
  93. Hit the shores for Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival
  94. Try out horseback riding at Wagon Wheel Ranch
  95. Pick your perfect pint at Leisure Farms
  96. Make homemade ice cream
  97. Support local at Eat Local for your grocery run
  98. Swim in as many different lakes as you can
  99. Head to Leslie’s for a famous poutine
  100. Enjoy the atmosphere and a classic cocktail at Speakeasy
  101. Soak in the culture at a Pow Wow
  102. Visit Tea & Bloom for a deliciously brewed iced tea
  103. Feast on any of the Townehouse Tavern’s amazing burgers on their street side patio
  104. Bring out your inner Picasso at a Paint Social event
  105. Take the kids on a story time adventure at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area for Greater Sudbury Public Library’s Tails on the Trails
  106. Get a look behind the scenes with a Stack Brew tour
  107. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers for someone special
  108. Try out geocaching for a fun adventure
  109. Challenge some friends to a board game marathon at Let’s Scrabbalatte Board Game Café
  110. Bust out your best moves at Zigs Bar
  111. Tent out at one of our beautiful camp grounds close by
  112. Tune into a few all Canadian playlists on Spotify
  113. Sample some refreshing sangria at P&M’s Kouzzina
  114. Spice it up with some Fiesty feta and a Caesar at the Laughing Buddha
  115. Marathon your way through Letter Kenny
  116. Make a kids day and buy lemonade from a neighbourhood stand
  117. Fly a kite at the park
  118. Take in the works of Sudbury’s own Poet Laureate Kim Fahner
  119. Catch up with old friends at Valley East Days
  120. Put it out at Dinosaur Valley Mini Put
  121. Check out Capreol’s Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre
  122. Get Lively at Rock the Farm at Anderson Farm
  123. Make your way through the Beaver Tail menu
  124. Go to a movie at the IMAX
  125. Indulge in some fudge at French River Trading Post
  126. Play checkers on Manitoulin’s giant checker board in Kagawong
  127. March or just come out to cheer on the Fierte Sudbury Pride March
  128. Get in on the Italian Festival’s Paesan Cook-off
  129. Test your knowledge at Sudbury Trivia Night
  130. Laugh your face off at a Sudbury Comedy Scene show
  131. Hop aboard the Cortina for a cruise around Ramsey Lake
  132. Head to River & Sky for a great weekend of camping and music
  133. Participate in a fun run/walk for a cause you’re passionate about
  134. Get creative with Glowing Hearts Art at Kivi Park Art at the Park
  135. Be daring and try out some midway rides
  136. Catch some kick ass lady action with Nickel City Roller Derby
  137. Learn a new skill at one of Little Art Garage’s paverpol sculpture workshops
  138. Check out a classic car show
  139. Get crafty at one of Sew Local’s monthly craftivist nights
  140. Eat up at Sudbury Blueberry Festival
  141. Get on island time for Manitoulin Country Fest
  142. Try out your skateboard skills at Minnow Lake Skate Park
  143. Take a few swings at Sudbury Batting Cages
  144. Free yourself from clutter with a little summer cleaning
  145. Complain about the heat then remember when it was -40 and realize it’s not that bad
  146. Head to the local ball park for a friendly game of baseball
  147. Jazz it up and check out Jazz Sudbury at Bell Park
  148. Catch Sudbury Indie Cinema’s Canadian Indie Summer Film Series free at Memorial Park
  149. Be an early bird and start your day with on of Myoga’s Morning Tech sessions
  150. Thank your lucky stars you’re lucky enough to call Sudbury home!

Jessica Lovelace is a Public Relations and Communications grad, musical theatre enthusiast, lover of live music and part-time unicorn tamer. Some have said that the Big Dripper from Sub City is a regional delicacy and the perfect end to a Sudbury Saturday Night – Jessica is definitely one of those people. No, the hair is not a perm.


  1. Shawn Delabbio : July 7, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    How could you not include Sudbury’s very own, world famous ….. Deluxe for their fries

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