Shop Local: Old Soul Soap Company

Shop Local: Old Soul Soap Company

As soon as we heard about Old Soul Soap Company, we knew we needed to find out more! We asked Robin to give us all of the details about her natural soaps and beauty products – she even has a line of products just for your furry friends!  She can make just about anything into soap, and we really mean anything – like Stack Beer – seriously, keep reading, and she creates products that use only the highest quality ingredients. She has so many products to choose from so be sure to read to the end for a chance to win $75 in Old Soul Soap Company products of your choice! 

What is the story behind Old Soul Soap Company?

The journey began in the Spring of 2014, I started becoming much more aware of the chemicals found in most of the products we use around our homes, and not only that, I was very disturbed at the amount of animal testing done to ensure these products are safe for us to use. I began to research “cruelty-free” companies and decided I would make a very honest effort to purchase only from them. I placed an order with LUSH and was happy with their product and environmentally friendly packaging. Buying ethically made products is expensive, unfortunately. So I decided I could probably make my own if I did a little research …and so it began. I am proud to say that our home is 99% chemical free…!!

As previously mentioned all natural soaps and beauty products can be expensive to purchase, so I made it my personal mission to keep my products and shipping prices reasonable so that everyone can afford and enjoy them. I also believe in giving back to the community and I support many local fundraisers and pet rescues.


How often do you release new products?

I am always looking for new ideas and brainstorming with my family. I also do a lot of research and I also get many suggestions from customers. I believe I can make almost anything into soap, I have used avocados, cucumbers, coffee, ground spinach, fruit, yogurt, milk….you name it. So I guess I release new products whenever my imagination leads me to do so…I just created an Earl Grey tea soap from a customer’s suggestion.

We NEED to know more about your Stack Brewing soaps? How does that work? What are they like and where did you get the idea? We’re really intrigued! 

Stack Brewing soaps….this collaboration began after attending the Microbrew Festival in 2015, once again my imagination took over and I did some research. Beer soaps are really quite popular and I thought I needed to do this. I remember trying the Vanilla Chai and I knew that was the one…so I went to the brewery and bought a few cans. I told Michael the brew master at Stack that I was making soap with it, I believe he may have thought it was odd, but he was definitely intrigued. A few weeks later I posted the soap on Instagram and Stack requested that I bring some into their retail store….I now make about 6 of their beers into soaps and I have even brought Old Rock Roastery into the collaboration with Stack’s special edition Grano Piquante. I strongly believe in collaborating with other small businesses, it is a win/win for everyone involved.


What has been your best selling product so far?

My best selling product is definitely my Charcoal Face Bar…activated charcoal has become hugely popular this year in the beauty product industry. The charcoal in the soap has the ability to pull the dirt and toxins from your pores, it will remove makeup like nothing else will and it leaves your skin clean but not dried out. I use a blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils which helps with inflammation and breakouts. I have been asked if this bar is black magic…!!

charcoal face bar

Where can our readers purchase your products or find out more?

My products can be purchased at a few small businesses around the Sudbury area and I am always looking for more unique locations. I do many craft and vendor shows all year long, I will also be a vendor at the Sudbury Market starting June 4th.

My Facebook page will keep readers up to date on my events and my website has a retail listing as well as an online store. You’ll also be able to find Old Soul Soap Company products in Sudbury In a Box when they launch later this month!

We’re giving away $75 in Old Soul Soap Company products to one lucky reader! 

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