Top 5 Instagram hot spots in Sudbury

Top 5 Instagram hot spots in Sudbury

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of searching out spots in every city I visit that would make great Instagram posts. The point of Instagram is to be inspired (in my opinion anyway) and it’s fun to look through Instagram locations and see where people have taken some of their best photos. The other day I was in Toronto with some free to so I spent a lot of hours searching Instagram for places I should go on my next adventure. This gave me the idea to share some of Sudbury’s own Instagram hot spots with you in case you’re like me and also want to up your Insta game.

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

I think 99% of Sudbury Instagram accounts have at least one photo on the Lake Laurentian Conversation Area trails. This place is beautiful in all seasons but the colours in the fall cannot be beat. Now that the leaves have fallen, wait for the snow to hit the ground. The trees will be covered and it will make the most beautiful northern backdrop.


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Tucos Tacos

Everyone in Sudbury and their dog has been to Tucos Tacos and we definitely know why. Not only is every single item on their menu delicious, they have one of the best patios and we love the wooden interior. Also, you need a photo with Bill Murray.

Sudbury is a hoot (my lovely outfit is from @winniebvintage)

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Onaping Falls

A bit of a trek but worth the drive for sure. Onaping Falls is about 20 minutes from Downtown Sudbury and you can either go right to the falls and walk across the bridge, taking photos from that side or you can go to the lookout point and make your way down. In the colder weather we don’t suggest trying to climb down those rocks but the views from the lookout are pretty great.

Smiling because it's pumpkin pie szn

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Up Here Festival Murals

We’re lucky enough to have a beautiful downtown thanks to We Live Up Here and Up Here Festival. If you haven’t taken a photo of or with one of these murals, do you live under a rock? My favourite part of walking downtown is stopping to check out the murals and I’ve definitely taken a few of my friends on our very own mural tours.

Thankful @emgillespie was born on this day 27 years ago so she could take this Boomerang//🌈

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KUPPAJO Espresso Bar

If you like pretty looking coffee and fun decorative signs, KUPPAJO is your next stop. My Instagram feed is often filled with photos taken here and I’m not upset about it. Refuel with a cup of coffee and perhaps one of their mouth watering sandwiches, this is the perfect last stop on your tour of Sudbury’s Instagram hot spots!


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Emily Franceschini is a craft addict, Public Relations graduate and lover of all things purple. Her free time is spent taking photos of her dog and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She’s a regular at Old Rock because who could resist their delicious Creme Brûlée latte? And yes – it is probably her 4th coffee of the day.

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