Top 5 Local Coffee Spots

Top 5 Local Coffee Spots

Coffee fiends, fear not! We have your fix. If you live, breathe, and think coffee, just like we do, you know the importance of the perfect cup. But where or where could it be? The good news is that we’re sharing with you five of what we feel are our city’s best cups of coffee.

The bad news?

You’re probably going to want to try them all-tonight. Take your time coffee lovers, these cafés aren’t going anywhere. Here’s a list of our favourite cups, and now it’s up to you to decide which is yours!

Old Rock Coffee 

Located in the heart of downtown Sudbury, Old Rock Café is one of our city’s most beloved coffee stops. Their vintage décor, friendly and accommodating staff, and the all-around good feel are only a few of the many reasons that keep customers coming back for more. What’s our reason? Their delicious Crème Brûlée latte of course! Sweet caramel infused with a delicious coffee roast, it’s guaranteed to jump start your day.

With tons of rare and unique coffee blends to choose from, there’s a flavour for everyday and every mood!


Let’s Scrabbalatte Board Game Café

It’s time to reward the hero within with Scrabbalatte’s very own Gryffindor Latte! Yes, that’s right, a latte for our most beloved Hogwarts’s house. A chocolate latte topped with black cherry whipped cream as well a cookie crumbs and golden sprinkles, even Harry Potter wouldn’t be able to pass this up.

And while you’re here, why not grab one of the many board games offered and party like it’s 1999! Nothing beats an old-fashioned board game night with friends and family.

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Salute Coffee Company

Buried deep in the South End of Sudbury sits a real gem of a coffee shop-Salute! Hidden but never forgotten, Salute Coffee Company is a comfortable little spot ideal for destressing, studying, socializing, and of course enjoying one of the many delicious cups of coffee offered! Dealing exclusively with PILOT coffee and sticking to their ethical standards in their direct trade program (which we appreciate!), you are sure to leave feeling refreshed and energized. Our favorite cup? That’s got be the Salted Caramel Mocha-it leaves our minds buzzing and our taste buds singing.

Chai latte, flat white & blueberry scones

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Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the holiday drinks are! At Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery, their Holiday Nogg Latte keeps us feeling festive just a little while longer. With a coconut cased eggnog, perfect for our lovely vegan friends, and poured over a medium rich coffee blend from our one and only Old Rock, it’s a must have to keep that holiday spirit alive! New to our city, Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery has made a strong impression that keeps its customers smiling and coming back for more.

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With its rustic, yet modern décor and a setting that makes you feel right at home, KUPPAJO Espresso Bar has made itself known in our downtown core. Staying true to local values, KUPPAJO opens its door to many local artists, musicians and events, as well as providing Sudburians with healthy and homemade snacks as well as, you guessed it, delicious coffee. If you’re a lover of all things Espresso, this is where you need to be. Serving what many would agree to be the best organic Espresso around, this medium dark roast with a hint of nutty, chocolatey goodness to it is truly one of a kind.



Mackenzie is a Communications student, coffee addict, and a major bookworm. The love of her life is her son, Fynn, and during her free time Mackenzie likes to dive into paranormal romance novels as she is a sucker for the strange and unusual.

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