Top 5 Sudbury date ideas for the adventurous couple

Top 5 Sudbury date ideas for the adventurous couple

Sudbury has some pretty amazing restaurants and grabbing a drink on one of our patios is always a good idea. We have the Downtown Movie Lounge and sometimes it’s nice enough to head to the boardwalk but are you looking to spice up your date night? We thought so, which is why we are sharing five of your favourite date ideas for the adventurous couples!


If you and your significant other are into fitness (or even if you aren’t) and want to try something new – head over to ARC and check out partner yoga classes or spend the afternoon climbing the walls. Either way, you’ll be doing something new with the one you love – or maybe just like for now – and that’s always fun, right?

Sudbury Kartways

Do you or your partner have a need for speed? Head over to Sudbury Kartways and find out once and for all who really is the better (or fastest) driver. And don’t let the date end there. Spend some more time in the batting cages or challenging your partner to a round of mini putt.

Let the races begin!!

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Phillip Edward Island

If you’re looking to extend your date night for a full day or two, we suggest reading this post by Katelyn Grenko and heading over to Phillip Edward Island. You can get your gear from Killarney Outfitters and prepare for the kayak or canoe trip to one of the many islands. Camping is always a good idea but just remember to bring everything you need. It’s a long trip back.

Horse Back Riding at Wagonwheel Ranch

This one isn’t so much adventurous as it is romantic but we’re adding it because not everyone has the guts to get on a horse. If you’re planning ahead, we suggest checking out the sleigh rides in the winter. Makes the date that much more romantic and we just know you’re a secret softy.

A sleigh ride in the afternoon.

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Dodge this Paintball

Not for the faint of heart and be warned you may walk away with a few bruises but we promise they’ll make for good memories. See if you have what it takes to Dodge this Paintball.  And who doesn’t want to shoot things at their significant other sometimes?

One more from magfed Monday

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