Makers North hosting a POP-UP Holiday Market next Friday!

Makers North hosting a POP-UP Holiday Market next Friday!

I’m guilty of leaving pretty much all of my holiday shopping until the last possible second so I’m VERY excited that Makers North decided to host a POP-UP Holiday Market next week. If you’re like me, a slacker, and someone who wants to buy some beautiful, unique handmade items, we suggest you head to Laurentian University next Friday and check out the 20 local vendors.

What is the Makers North Holiday POP-UP Holiday Market?

The Makers North Holiday POP-UP Market is a one-day event that brings together a selection of high-skilled makers to share and sell their lovely wares in one location. We use the term POP-UP as it is a smaller number of makers (20) that our usual markets (over 40). The market will feature a diverse range of products from artwork, baby items, soap, body products and more.

Heirloom Island

What made you decide to hold this ‘POP-UP’ market?

After each event (our Handmade Holiday Market was held on November 4th at the Laurentian School of Architecture) we always reflect back over the event and work on ways to make the next one even better. We heard from the community that there are a lot of people who can’t make it to the markets because we always hold them on a Saturday. So we decided to host this pop-up on a Friday. That together with the fact that we just LOVE planning events that bring together makers/artists with our truly amazing community.

What kind of fun things do you have in store for visitors at this event?

We’ll be hosting an amazing Handmade Haul Giveaway which include items from all 20 makers. You collect stickers from three different makers to enter. You can also get a free entry into the giveaway by bringing a non-perishable item for the Sudbury Food Bank (or 10 entries if you bring 10 items, there is no limit to the number of entries!). One lucky person will win it all – and likely have their holiday shopping done. Plus we’ll have some fun contests and giveaways leading up to the market.

Wolf + Pine

Tell us about the location for this event.

The market will take place in the newly built Parker Building Atrium at Laurentian University. The University is currently working on a huge renovation/modernization project and the results so far are stunning. This It is a gorgeous light-filled two-story space; we can’t wait to fill it full of talented makers and holiday cheer!

Can you share a bit about the vendors taking place?

Our talented makers each have their own style and are carefully selected by a jury panel thus ensuring a brilliantly curated show. The makers from this show come from Sudbury, North Bay and Manitoulin Island. We have a full list on our Facebook Page and we will be posting all about the different makers leading up the event.

The Makers North Holiday POP-UP Market takes place on Friday, December 8th from 9am – 2pm at the Laurentian University Parker Building Atrium at 935 Ramsey Lake Road. Admission is free, a donation to the Sudbury Food Bank would be greatly appreciated.


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