RavenStar Studio: Unique, nature inspired creations

RavenStar Studio: Unique, nature inspired creations

RavenStar Studio is a small home-based business owned and operated by Adrienne Assinewai! Adrienne has been creating for as long as she can remember and has been experimenting with many different styles over time. She works in a variety of mediums including wool, coloured pencil, and paint. We had the chance to see some of her work at the Makers North Handmade Holiday Market and she is incredibly talented! 


Why did you decide to start RavenStar studio?

A few years back I felt ready to add a more professional approach to my work and RavenStar Studio was brought into being as a way to house all of my different creations and styles together under one name. I have always dreamed of being able to make a living with my creations and felt that having a “brand” would make me more recognizable and easier to find especially in the busy online world. I chose the name RavenStar because these playful, smart birds are one of my favourite animals and I had heard and loved the idea that everything created is made from the stuff of stars.


Who are your current art inspirations?

Most of my art is heavily nature inspired and incorporating elements from both the plant and animal kingdoms give me limitless possibilities with what I can create. Two artists that I draw inspiration from are Allison Theus and Terryl Whitlatch, I love their styles which embrace combining natural form with the fantastical. However, I have to say that my fellow artists in the community are also a great inspiration. It’s amazing to witness the creation of all the great projects that have grown here in the Sudbury area since I first arrived 20 years ago through their collaboration.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made? Why is it your favourite?

As my art has changed over time so have my favourite pieces, each medium brings a whole new element to a particular piece so it can be hard to choose just one. However, in the past few years I have been focusing heavily on my needle felted creations and this past winter I created my largest wool sculpture to date, a reindeer. It was so much fun creating something bigger that I could hold but I think what really made him my favourite so far was seeing all of the smiles that he brought to people. I had taken him with me to Makers Market in December and everyone had such a great reaction to him.

What project are you currently working on?

After taking a break from the holiday rush I’m gearing up for a whole new year of creating. Late last year I was so fortunate to be chosen as a bursary recipient from the Ontario Arts Council. Thanks to their generosity I have a few exciting new projects lined up including a felted traditional Woodlands style mask as well as a separate painted project. I have also been looking into ways that I can become more involved within the community such as holding workshops and taking part in new venues.


Do you have any tips for other makers who are looking to start their own creative business?

Network! Get to know your fellow artists in the community you’re in whether it’s in your town or online community. Not only will you meet great people but they can often give you helpful tips or let you know of fun festivals and shows coming up. But most importantly create what you enjoy, your love for your product will really show through in your work.

Although I don’t have a space open to the public, you can find my unique nature-inspired creations at various craft shows and on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RavenStarStudio

DeviantArt: www.ravenstarstudio.deviantart.com

Etsy: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/RavenStarStudios


Emily Franceschini is a craft addict, Public Relations graduate and lover of all things purple. Her free time is spent taking photos of her dog and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She’s a regular at Old Rock because who could resist their delicious Creme Brûlée latte? And yes – it is probably her 4th coffee of the day.

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