Christmas movies you should watch this week

Christmas movies you should watch this week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I’ve been spending all of my free time watching Christmas movies and drinking all of the hot chocolate. We asked some of our contributors to share their favourite Christmas movie with you! I’ll start it off with Home Alone – my all time favourite Christmas movie and one I watch multiple times every single year. I love when Kevin sets up all of his traps for the self named ‘Wet Bandits’ – I laugh every single time I watch it.

Elf “I have so many memories of watching it over the years with my family, my girlfriends, and even when I just needed a good laugh. Never forget- “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” – Adriana

Just Friends – “It’s absolutely hilarious and can be watched year round. Anna Farris is incredibly funny and (if we’re being honest here) Ryan Reynolds is a precious gift to this world. It’s on Netflix so you know I watch it every night in December.” – Carolina 

The Santa Clause –Brings back memories of childhood Christmases past. Plus I still think all the corny jokes are pretty funny.” – Justine

Rent  – “It might not quite fit into your typical Christmas movie list but it’s definitely one of my personal favourites. My sister and I both LOVE musicals – our mom HATES them. We are almost always late when we drive somewhere together because we spend the whole time singing along to our favourite Broadway scores, Every year once our mom has gone to bed on Christmas Eve we get comfy on the couch with the tree lit up watch Rent and sing along. This always leads us to fighting at least once over who gets to sing which parts! (I always sing Joanne when we get to ‘Take me or Leave me’).” – Jessica

Die Hard – “Though it isn’t often regarded as a Christmas movie, it’s one of my favourites! Revealing the true meaning of Christmas, John McClane and his wife realize at the end of the movie that their jobs aren’t worth as much as being a family. And you can’t go wrong with Alan Rickman! Yippy ki yay!” – Amanda

A Christmas Story – “I’ve watched this movie every Christmas, it was my grandmothers favourite and now it’s mine. I love the way it perfectly taps into childhood and the humour is spot on! I will always remember “you’ll shoot your eye out!” and a leg lamp during Christmas!” – Brittany

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas  “We used to watch it as a family and Jim Carrey does an amazing job, I usually watch it every Christmas. My favourite part is when he’s talking to himself in the cave and it keeps echoing back to him and he’s like “fine I’m going to whisper so by the time my words reflect off these walls I won’t be able to hear it” and it echoes back you’re an idiot”. – Cassie

White Christmas – “Firstly it’s a Christmas classic. There’s something just magical about the movie, whenever you watch it you feel the warmth. Plus Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is my overall favourite Christmas song.” – Daniel


Emily Franceschini is a craft addict, Public Relations graduate and lover of all things purple. Her free time is spent taking photos of her dog and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She’s a regular at Old Rock because who could resist their delicious Creme Brûlée latte? And yes – it is probably her 4th coffee of the day.

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