Travel Tips: 24 Hours in Nice

Travel Tips: 24 Hours in Nice

The French Riviera, more specifically Nice, has made my favorite places in the world list. Unfortunately, my travel buddy and I only had 1 day to spend there (rookie mistake). Here’s what made our séjour so memorable:

One hour boat cruise of Villefranche sur mer

A yacht tour in Nice is an absolute must. The area boasts an incredible coastline that will wow any tourist. Villefranche Bay, once an active fishing village, still retains its pastel-colored villas nestled in a beautiful mountain range. The Bay contains historic buildings such as the Saint-Elme Citadel, built in the 16th century to protect the country from invaders.
Trans Côte d’Azur offers great boat tours, and if you’re lucky enough to have more than 24 hours in Nice, check out their Monaco and Saint Tropez options.

The beach

Naturally, the Mediterranean Sea won’t disappoint. Taking a dip in the turquoise water was a great way to cool off on our midday adventure. However, one aspect that surprised me is there are no sandy beaches, it’s all flat pebbles. Of course, we weren’t prepared for that, and our feet took a beating. So be forewarned future Nice goers, bring water shoes!

The views

To end our day, we took a hike up to Castle Hill, which offers a high vantage point for the best views of the city. The fortress was dismantled in 1706 during the War of Spanish Succession. It was converted into a park, and a waterfall was also added during the Sardinian restoration in the 19th century.

Food & drink

Last but not least, we ended our wonderful day with a late night dinner on the Cours Saleya strip. It’s a busy place with many flavours to choose from, like seafood, Italian and pub-style eats. Imagine an entire street converted into a patio area, with every restaurant having their own section.

After my Nice experience, I can’t wait to check out more of the French Riviera, Monaco and Marseille being high on my list. If you want to visit more of France, but you’ve already hit Paris several times, give the Cote d’Azur a shot. You don’t need to go to the Caribbean for a tropical getaway.

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